Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blog Break

I am not going to be blogging for the next 4 or 5 days. I am going on a road trip and will not have time to blog. Big supersize when I get back.
So here are some more boat pictures to hold you over while I am gone.
 This is a shelf raising oil rig, it can drill in 400 feet of water.  
 This is your standard oil drilling rig, It can drill in 4000 feet of water.
 This is the constellation. 
The weather here has been cold and rainy. Today the weather is going to be better 68 and party cloudy.
See all you blog readers in a couple of days.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cold Day

It was cold and rainy yesterday. It only got to 40 degrees. So we stayed in and worked on our Taxes. Getting all the paper work together  to send to our tax lady to figure out,
Here is a boat picture to make us feel better with this cold weather.  
I am also working on a BIG surprise that I can not talk about yet, Maybe next week I can let you know about the Big surprise.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Boat Ride

We went back to South Padre Island for the second time this week. we did a Dolphin Boat ride. It was a ton of fun. The weather was a little cloudy but it was warm.
 I got right on the bow pulpit and got these picture of the dolphins. 

The boat went up the Brownville harbor and into the Shrimp port. In Brownville they are scrapping out some old aircraft carriers. 

This is the Saratoga, must of it is gone already.
This is the Constellation it just got there in December. 
 This is a supply ship, there are two getting scrapped out.
A shrimp boat coming in from the Gulf full of Texas gold shrimp. On the boat they cooked us a Cajun Shrimp Boil. The food was great and all the beer you could drink.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Good Day

We had good weather to sit out side and watch the Nascar race in Daytona. 
My second batch of pickles turned out real good. They are not too hot to eat. Peggy got me a pickle holder. You pull up on the handle to bring you pickles to the top making it easy to get to them.
Today we are going to South Padre Island again. This time to go on a Dolphin watch boat. We got 22 people going on the boat. On the boat they are going to have a Cajun shrimp boil and all the BEER you can drink. I will have pictures of that trip.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


We rode with Dan and Terry to South Padre Island and went to Pier 19 for bloody mary's on the pier.

Then over to the sea food buffet at The Palms. The food was great they had Crab legs, Shrimp, Salmon, all kinds of salads and a huge desert bar. About 120 people from the park met there. We ate like pigs. I am surprised I stayed awake on the ride back. 
After our walk today I cooked breakfast and coffee,
Today looks like a nice day with a little wind but party cloudy and will get to 85 degrees. 
Last day to vote on the Nascar Poll.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun Time

Yesterday the wood shop had a cook out. For $8 you get a hamburger and two BEERS. That is a good deal. They had a silent auction of some real cool wood work.
Here are some pictures of our morning walk.
 You got your average palm tree with an orange tree behind it. Oh look at that sky, . . not a cloud in it.

This lot is in Parrot corner and it is for sale. The parrot hang out in the corner of the park.
Today we are going to South Padre Island for a seafood party. About a 100 people from the park are going. 
Right now the power is out in the park. So I am running the generator to write the blog and cook breakfast.
Only days left to vote in the Nascar poll.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nice Day

Yesterday we made a trip to the Don Wes Flea market just to look around and enjoy some music in the pavilion.
This is not a good picture but it's all I got.
Cooking on the BBP (Big Black Pig).
We took a long walk this morning and the Green Parrots were flying all around and making a lot of noise. Some pictures from our walk.

 This morning I sat outside and warmed up the BGE to cook some left over pizza for breakfast. It is just a beautiful morning, sunny and warm.
Coming up this weekend is the Smokin on the Rio BBQ show at the Mercedes Livestock show grounds. We are looking forward to that.
Only days left to vote on the Nascar poll! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More Music in the Park

Last night there was a concert in the rec hall. It was 7 Bridges an Eagle Tribute Band. They were really good.
I think the show was a sellout the hall was full. And they had $1 Beers, OMG it was great.
They played all the good Eagles songs.
Ok next subject.

This is a picture Jeff sent us. New life on the range is going to grow up to be next year's hamburger. And that is what Jeff said NOT me.
It is a little cool here 47 but back in Michigan it's 5, I do not miss that at all. Today it is going to get up to 68 and sunny.
I did whip out on the bike run today it was to Cold. So I did not test out my new 1/2 chaps.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Big Weather Change

Yesterday the weather changed BIG time. We were sitting outside enjoying the nice weather, it was 84 and a little windy with some sun and then the wind changed to the north, then the temperature dropped to 55 in about 45 minutes. Here is a before picture at the outlet mall in Mercedes. We went there to get a cookie sheet that will fit in our convection oven.
The cool thing about this outlet mall is they have a BAR in it with ice cold draft beer.
It got so cold we went out to dinner.
It's 39 right now. That is COLD!
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Music in the Park

Sunday was Music in the Park Day.
Dale and Linda hosted a jam session at their site. Linda's brother and some of his friends came a played jazz music to a big crowd.

This is Linda and her brother on the far left our host for the jam session.
Then we had a potluck dinner after.
The music was really good and the food was fantastic. The power went off in the park just before the music was to start so they had to use generators to start. The power came back on an hour later. 
We did work on our reservations a little in the morning. That is so much fun.
Now this is living happy!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hard Work

We still spent 4 hours making reservations for our summer trip. We did get in one of the best parks on the south rim of the Grand Canyon with full hook up. We also got in a park in West Yellowstone, Grizzly RV Park. Some of the parks are full already. The park we got for the mouth of May is in Hurricane Utah it's the Willow Wind RV Park. I want to see all the national parks in Utah.
Here is a picture from the U.P., My sister and a bad group of friends. How COLD is it? They are out snowmobiling, Crazy fun.
Here is another funny picture I got from a friend back home.
Here's Cliff and I working on our tans. A long way from that 4 letter word SNOW. 

Live Happy.
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Summer Trip Planing

We worked on our summer trip. It takes a lot of work planning where we are going to go to. It's a good thing we started now. We tried to make reservation in West Yellowstone in June, the first park was full already. We had to change to a different park.
We did get a spot in southern Utah for the mouth of May at Willow Wind RV Park in Hurricane, on a big pull thru. 
We need extra large pull thru lots to get all our stuff on. We have a spot in Deadwood South Dakota for the Sturgis bike week.
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Friday, February 13, 2015

Wash Day

We washed the truck. The water down here is not good, it must be hard or something. It leaves spots on the windshield and windows. We get filtered water to drink for us and Cliff. I have a 5 gallon bottle with a battery powered pump on it. I fill it twice a week for $1 each time.
In the afternoon we went to Peckers for the live country music.
We love Peckers. Today it is going to be sunny but a little cool, 70 is going to be the high. So I can still work on my tan.
I grilled some steaks on the BGE last night.
Finally the Nascar season is going to start on Saturday. Now we will have something to bet on for our gas fund. We each pick a driver. The one who finishes highest wins. We bet $10. If your driver finishes first the other pays double to the gas fund.
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Weather

The weather is beautiful in the 80's and sunny. So we made a trip to the pool for the afternoon.
I took the Big Dog for a 20 mile test ride, every thing went well the Big Dog lives again.
We grilled dead chicken on the BGE and made sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese dressing. OMG are they good.
Today we are going to Pecker's for the live country music in the afternoon.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Good Day at the Beach

We went to South Padre Island Beach. It's a good time. You can drive on the beach, we drove down about a mile and a half and got a good parking spot. The weather was great in the low 80's and sunny. As you can see not a cloud in the sky.

Cliff loves to lay on the beach. High and dry.
We stopped at the fish market and got some fresh shrimp for dinner.
Here at the park they are going to build a new rec hall so they have taken the small dog park out for now and made it a lot smaller
We are not missing all the snow and cold from the great white north. The weather here is turning great after a cool January.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Good Time at the Beach

Yesterday Dan, Terry, Wayne, Debbie, Peggy and I went to Boca Chica Beach. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on the beach. The weather was great in the 80's and sunny.

We drove down the beach to the mouth of the Rio Grand River. It is so small you can walk across it.
This is the mouth of the Rio Grand River. You can see people on the other side fishing with nets.
We have so much fun at the beach we are going to go back today. Cliff wants to go play in the sand. On our way back I like to stop at the fish store and get some fresh shrimp for dinner when we get back to our rolling palace.



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bike is Fixed

I worked on the Big Dog, fixing the loose main drive nut.
 This is after I took the old nut off.
 New drive nut installed with locking screw in.
 All tore down. You have to remove the exhaust system, loosen the rear axle, and remove the clutch housing to get to the nut. 
Starting to put it all back together. I adjusted the clutch and rode around the park a little bit. Need to make a 25 mile test ride yet. It was a hard job. I miss Forest Cycle Works.
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