Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We Made It

We towed the RV with the new truck today for the first time. It tows just like it's not there. I like the way it tows.
This is our site at the Broken Mill RV Park in Del Rio Texas. I am missing Llano Grande already and all the friends we made there. This park here is next to the expressway and I hate that.
We are only here for 3 nights. But on Thursday night they have a Cowboy cook out, we are looking forward to that. On the way here we ran into a swarm of bees just for a few seconds but it made a mess of the windshield. Other than that the trip was good.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Awsome Weather

We worked on getting ready to leave tomorrow. The Big Dog and BGE are loaded and ready to go.
On our morning walk I got some more cool plant pictures.

I don't think you want to mess with this plant.

And don't mess with this one either.

Peggy driving us to the gas station to fuel up for the trip. She has the death grip on that wheel.

The park is almost empty. Every day more people are pulling out.
We are ready to go too.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beach Trip

We took the Big Truck to the beach Friday. It was a little scary to drive it on the beach, but we made it.
Here we are having a ton of fun.
Our view. Big waves and the weather was great. Cliff had a blast.
Thursday we made our last trip to Mexico and got some more dog drugs. They are a lot cheaper over there.
We always stop at the first bar and get a $1.50 Beer or two and a $3.00 Margarita for Peggy. We did get some more of those HOT peanuts, they are so good. 
On Thursday night I went and played Texas Hold'em and came in first place and won 29 bucks. We are going to leave on Tuesday morning. I will miss playing cards and all the friends We have made there.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Warm Weather

No Blog yesterday. I went golfing with Dan and Wayne.
The weather is nice and warm but a little cloudy. I am not complaining,  but it is a lot better then these pictures my daughter Heidi sent me.
This shot was in the morning. Looks really beautiful. She works at the winter test track in the UP of Michigan.
This picture was at 10:30 am four inches of snow later.
 I like these pictures a lot better. Happy hour at Connie and Rick's.
I love the view with the palm trees in the background.
We only have a few days left here and then it is onto the big adventure to see all we can see in the west.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dan's Day

We took Dan to celebrate his birthday at The Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
 Here he is riding the saddle.
Wife Terry with the birthday boy.
And some other party go'ers Ed, Wayne, Debbie, Connie and Peggy.
Yesterday I was working on getting the truck registered but I had to get it weighed. So that was a trip to the scales in Pharr. Today I am waiting for Dakota Post (our mail delivery people) to call back for help filling out the paper work.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Dan

Today is our neighbor Dan's birthday. He is 63!
Happy Birthday Dan!
The weather has finally turned nice, sunny and in the 80's.
Yesterday I worked on a little honey dew list thing. I made a thing to hold our fire extinguisher on the wall when we are traveling. It would fall off all the time. It is important to have a fire extinguisher because we have had a wheel on fire before and that was not fun.

  Todays project is to get the truck registered in South Dakota and get plates for it. We need to get this done fast. We are only here for one more week.  
We made a trip to the flea market and got some things we needed before we take off. I ordered "Private Couch" stickers to put on the truck. So we do not have to stop at any weigh stations. They will be ready Wednesday to pick up.
This is one of the things we got at the flea market. It is to stop old people from running into the sliding door when it is closed. My nose still hurts.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

More Rain!

Friday was a beautiful day. Peggy, Cliff and I went for a golf cart ride up on the dike.
Here are a couple of shots from our ride.
The Grapefruit tree's are in blossom and they smell really great here in the park.
On Saturday Dan, Wayne and I tried to golf but we only got 4 holes in and most of them where in the RAIN. So we just came back and sat in Dan's half built casita. Then it stopped raining and we sat outside and watched the Nascar race on our TV.
After the race Peggy and I went to Cortino's for dinner. It's a great Italian place close to the park. 
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, March 20, 2015

More Happy Hours

Last night we had a Potluck happy hour. Everyone brought a dish to pass. We took roasted red skin potatoes. We are still celebrating St. Patrick's Day! You know I love that.

Another good time.
I left early to go play Texas Hold'em. There was a tournament where we play to the last man. There were 39 players and I came in 6th place winning $20 bucks. The big winner got $100 bucks plus he had the best hand for another $39 bucks. It is a lot of fun playing, especially when I win.
Today I updated our Garmin to get ready for the big trip in a week and a half. We are ready to get going to see the rest of the great USA.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Warm and Rainy

Yesterday it was warm and rainy in the afternoon. But I still grilled on the BGE. 

The command center in the truck.
We took our morning walk and I got some more cool flower shots.

This is some kind of cactus, I think. 
They cut the grass this morning. I had to get up early to run out and pick up our cable TV line. It is just run across the grass. When they started Dan's Casita the cut it and have not buried it yet. It has been cut it twice.
Peggy made some banana nut bread and OMG it is good.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.    

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fun Time

What a great St. Patrick's Day. We went to happy hour at the rec hall. Some of the neighbors went and got tables in the front row. We had a green cake, but no green beer. Dancing and music.

We had a good time. Almost everyone in green. 
I do look better with hair. But I had hair when I needed it.
I did go to Texas Hold'em and came in second, winning a big $24 bucks. Finally got some good hands.   
Today we are going to go to Sam's, I need coffee. We are also going to my favorite store here Bass Pro Shop and Johnny's Hardware in Harlingen.
Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day From South Texas!

We went to happy hour last night.

Everyone sitting around with there coats on. Some say this winter the weather was worse than last year. The only thing we have not seen is snow or ice here.
Cliff down at the dog park with his puppy friend. 
The little dog park is closed and the big one is a little crowded. I stole this picture from Charlie and Vikki's Blog. It is too funny.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Rain is Back

Saturday we went to the rodeo in Mercedes.
  FFA smoker  display. They had some really cool ones.
This was one of the coolest ones.
On Sunday I golfed with Dan, Wayne and Jamie. It was drizzly rain all the way around. Today it is still rainy. We are just hanging out here in the park today. We are going to set up our printer under our bed. We have used it way more then I thought we would. So we need to make it work any place we go. Here at the park they gave us a wireless modem to use on the park cable system. It has been a good set up for cable TV and internet.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

All Hitched Up

I Went and got the hitch yesterday and installed it with a lot of help from Jim, Jamie and Dan. The hitch weighs 350 lbs.
 Dan checking the hole pattern.
 Jamie and I got it in the hole and the bolt pattern matched, so no hole drilling. Thank God.
 Cliff making sure we are doing it right. 
 Jim was the torque man on the top.
 I got some grade 5 bolts at the hardware, But we broke the second one, so I made another run to a different hardware and got some grade 8 bolts and lock nuts. We torqued them to 90 ft. lbs. 
Here it is all installed with the cover on. I put the gauge and switch in the left side storage compartment. So you can stand outside and see when you are inflating the air bags on the hitch.
Peggy did a great job on helping and taking all the pictures.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Nice Day

The weather finely change for the good it got up 70 and sunny yesterday. Today it is going to get to 78, Saturday 80.
This is scary Peggy helping Dan cook diner.
The hitch should be here today. So I will be installing it.
Here is the sun back out, oh and the truck in it.
We are ready for St. Patrick's Day. We should win the best decorated site contest.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.