Thursday, April 30, 2015

Great Place

We took the truck to get a bath and fuel in town. Fuel was a little more then we have been paying. The lowest $2.19 the highest here was $2.85 a gallon.
Peggy got a good shot of a hummingbird. We have a couple of them flying around. 
We went to dinner for my birthday at Big John's BBQ. We got the combination plate. It had Brisket, Pulled Pork and Sausage with Baked Beans and Cole Slaw. It was real good. We sat outside on the patio. I got a FREE Root Beer float from John.
 We went down to the marina to look at the big house boats.
The water is 108 feet below normal here. You can really tell it is low.

This shot is across the lake from the campground. That is how nice our new camera can zoom in.

And still take close shots like this.
We did watch the Red Wings blow game seven. Now we have to wait until next year to get the Stanley Cup. 
Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nice Park

This is the most beautiful place I have ever been.
 We even have wild life in our site.
We went into the town of Page and did some grocery shopping. We saw a good BBQ place that we are going to go to tonight for dinner.
I cooked out over the fire pit last night. It is not as good as the BGE. The only good thing was we had a fire to sit around later. I did get the telescope out and we looked at Saturn and it's four moons. Oh and our own moon looked really cool.
Peggy's phone is not sure what time zone we are in. It flips the time around all the time. Our morning alarm did not go off but the clock said 8:30 and Peggy's phone said 7:30. My phone still thinks we are in Phoenix. Not sure why it is doing that.
Let's Go Red Wings!
Live Happy and Always Go Big.     

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beautiful Drive

We left the Grand Canyon and drove to Lake Powell yesterday.
It was the most beautiful  drive we have ever done. Peggy was shooting pictures all the way.
 We drove out the east exit of the Grand Canyon it cut 2 hours off our trip. The Garmin was going to take us way south to Flagstaff then north. But going out the east was shorter and more scenic. 

 The view from our camp site at Lake Powell's Wahweap RV Park. This is the nicest National Park we have been in. Peggy's senior pass is a great thing we get in for FREE. Today is laundry day so we are going to hang here in the park and eat out of our freezer tonight. The only TV we get here is the satellite (good thing we added that to the RV) no cable or on the antenna.  We did watch the Red Wings Win last night.
Let's Go Red Wings!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, April 24, 2015

East canyon

We did the east canyon tour yesterday and went to the El Tovar hotel. It was built in 1905. We found the bar in it and had to have a beer there.
 Peggy on the same porch of the El Tovar that Teddy Roosevelt was on.  
 I had the camera all day so I got some good shots with Peggy in them. (She hates that)
This is as close to the edge as Peggy ever got.
 We found a little canyon wild life.
 Cliff and I went for a walk and on our way back the Elk moved into our site. This one was a little scary she watched us close.
Today we are going to walk to the Shrine of Time and take the shuttle bus back.
This is the Hopi House it's a giant Indian gift shop. They had some cool stuff in it.
The weather has cooled off the high today is only going to be 56. We head to Lake Powell tomorrow.
Let's Go Red Wings!
Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Fun

We went to the National Geographic's Imax theater and saw Grand Canyon The Hidden Secrets. It was a beautiful movie of the Grand Canyon.
Today we are going to explore the east side of the canyon. It is a little cooler today but we will make it.

The park fills up ever night. It is really quiet in the park during the day I think everyone is out sight seeing all day.
One really weird thing on our bed we have a memory foam pad on it and at this altitude it is really hard. We are at 6900 feet.
We had a big breakfast and are ready to go hiking some more. 
Oh and lets Go Red Wings!
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So Beautiful

The Grand Canyon is so Beautiful. We took the east tour yesterday on the shuttle bus that runs in the park. The shuttle bus drops you off at different over looks so you can get out and take stunning pictures and then you get the next shuttle or you can hike to the next over look.

 Walking down to an over look.
 This was a marker on the  trail of time.
 At the Hopi over look.

 On the edge and it is BIG.
 This one you can see the Colorado River in the bottom.
 I did like the railings. You can get up close to the edge.
Peggy did not get too close to the edge. She said she did not trust me. We did buy a book: Death in the Canyon.
In this shot you can see the trail to the bottom. We did not take that it's for young people that are in shape and crazy. Peggy got her Senior Pass and it gets us into the park for FREE.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Grand Canyon

We moved today to the Grand Canyon about 213 miles. This is Beautiful. We have had Elk in our camp site already.
 This park is not that big rig friendly, we had to try 3 different sites before we got one to fit. 
 Peggy got this shot shortly after we got here.
 The Elk are not afraid of people. They just mill around grazing.
The weather is a lot cooler here. We are at 6969 feet above sea level. We are looking forward to getting around to sight see tomorrow.
The truck worked great in the mountains on the way here. We did some really steep grade with no problem up and down. 
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Park Hunt

We went to look at a park to stay at next winter. We picked Mesa Spirit RV Park in Mesa Arizona. The parks around here do not even come close to as nice as Llano Grande in Texas but we hope the weather is better here.
Here is a picture of the site we picked
It's a long pull thru with a cement pad on the right side. We should have a lot of room for all our stuff.
The club house and pools all look good.
After that we went to Fat Willy's for lunch, It was close to the park. So far the weather here has been great Sunny and in the hi 80's and low 90's and no rain.
Today the Red Wings are on at noon. That is weird to see them on TV that early. But we can adjust.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Road Trip

We made a road trip to Arcosanti.
The goal of Arcosanti is to explore the concept of arcology, which combines architecture and ecology. The town has the goals of combining the social interaction and accessibility of an urban environment with sound environmental principles, such as minimal resource use and access to the natural environment.
Here are some of their bells and my own ding-a-ling.
They fund the build by making and selling bells. Some are ceramic and some are bronze.
This is the ceramic studio.

 An open area for meetings and stuff like that. 
 This is the foundry for the bronze bells. 
There are about 60 people living there. I only saw a couple of cars there so they are trying to live in this little city without cars.
This is the view across from Arcosanti. It is build on the edge of a gorge.  After we left we are glad we live in city with all the amenities.
Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Valley of the Sun

This is truly the valley of the Sun. We have not seen a cloud yet. It has been in the low 90's and dry.
 A large cactus at night here in the park.  
The same cactus in the day.
Making a water run. They have a filtered water machine here in the park and that is handy.
Some pretty flower on our morning walk.
Our friend Kim from Houston was in town visiting her daughter, Ashley. They came over to visit us here in the park on Monday evening.
We found a great place for lunch George's Famous Gyros and Pasta it is just a short drive from the park. We both had the giant Gyros. We are going to go back and try something different next time.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.