Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Shutting Down

We are still here in Quartzsite, AZ. The town is starting to close down. Most of the RV dealers are gone. It's kind of weird that the RV dealers come in town for 3 months, then they are gone. Most of the RV parks also close for the summer. Ours closes on May first. We are paid up to April 22nd. But we are planning to leave next week. We are heading to Yuma, AZ to get some work done on our rolling home. Then off we go on our 2016 trip, up the west coast.
One of the guys in the park found this fossil down in the wash next to the park. It looks like a dead bird to me.
We made another trip out in the desert. This is the Yellow Dog mine we found. It is an active mine for gold.  
 The Reeper out in the La Paz Valley Desert.
You can find some really weird things out in the desert. This is a spot called Deer Run. People bring all kinds of strange things out here. It's kind of funny.
 We went to a really cool bar on the Colorado River. 
It's a floating bar called Fox's.
Peggy got a new dust mask for riding in the Reeper. She can not pick her nose with it on.
Here is Fred ready to go for our weekly desert run.
The Ocotillo cactus have these beautiful orange flowers on the ends.
The desert is blooming all over the place. But you have to be careful all these things are trying to poke, jab or stick you with some big pickers! There is one they call the teddy bear cactus or the jumping cactus, it's the most dangerous one of all, if you get one on you it's a bad thing.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog. 

  Attilla and Biff as a pup. Biff loved Attilla, but Attilla hated Biff.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy St. Patricks Day

We had a great St. Patrick's Day. We went to a party at our favorite bar, Beer Belly's. They had some munchies, but no green beer.
Barb, owner and one of our favorite bartenders.
   Lots of people dressed for the party.

Some new people came in the park this week, so we had to take them out in the desert for a ride. 
We rode out to an old gold mine and this is the miner's shack.
The Big Reeper. It has been working great. I can't believe some of the hills it can climb and yet, it has a good smooth ride. I didn't even have to put it in 4 wheel drive the last trip out.
 The desert is coming alive with flowers on some of the cactus.

Jude was here for a few days. Enjoying the good weather.
Cliff and Jude relaxing after a long day of fun. What a lucky dog.
This is how they mix the Margaritas in Mexico and they are really good.
 Marj and Jack out for a bike ride. They went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Jack loves that.
Throw-Back Picture of The Blog.
Maybe not a throw-back picture, but a funny one.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On The Go

It has been a busy week. Jude is here so we have been on the go. Peggy and Jude went to Sedona for a couple of days. When they got back we took Jude to Mexico.

We had to stop at the El Paralso Patio Bar to have a real Margarita in Mexico. It's a pretty cool bar. We stopped at Famous Dave's in Yuma and had lunch. I had the Brisket and it was killer good. It's kind of nice to go to a bigger city then Quartzsite.
Then on Monday we drove up to Lake Havasu City and had lunch with Cindy and Ed, who winter there. They still live back in Michigan, in the cold. We are at Barkley's Brewery, which is right next to the world famous London Bridge.

 It's not the London Bridge that you would think of but it is still a bridge from London.
The desert is starting to bloom out.

And some cool looking bugs are starting to come out too.
 Spring is here. The weather has been really hot into the 90's. I can take that!
St. Patrick's Day is getting close, so we are ready.
I went to the "Monkeys are Getting Restless" party at Beer Belly's.
The Happiest Place in Quartzsite; Beer Belly's Adult Day Care.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
A hard afternoon. Nap time.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.