Saturday, April 30, 2016

Windows 10

My computer is a couple of years old. It has Windows 7 Home Premium on it and I like the way it works. One night last week Microsoft decided to "upgrade" my computer to Windows 10. They just shut it down and started loading Windows 10. The next day I tried to use my computer. Windows 10 is a lot different then 7. It looked more like Windows 8 and we got rid of one computer because we hated windows 8. The big problem was that the screen flashed about once ever 60 seconds or so. If I was working on something it would just disappear or stop working all together. I looked it up on YouTube on how to fix this problem, had to use my phone to do that. I did the changes, but the problem still happened. So I made the dreaded phone call to Microsoft. After 45 min on the phone it was still screwed up. So they told my how to go back to Windows 7. They said it would take 2 to 3 hours and DO NOT shut the computer off. Well, after 18 hours it still was not done. So I made another call to Microsoft. They told me to just wait or call HP to get the boot disc to reload Windows 7 and lose all my files and pictures. So I waited 2 more hours, I finally just shut it OFF and crossed my fingers that it was going to be OK. Finally, it rebooted and OMG it was back to Windows 7 again. I was so happy! 
   So after a week of messing around I got it back the way I like it.

Our cook James at my Birthday dinner.

So that was not the worst thing that happened this week. We came home after my birthday dinner and Cliff was so happy he jumped off the top step from the bedroom and injured his left front leg. He could hardly walk. He has been going down hill for a long time and was having bad side effects from all the meds he has been on for so long. So the next day we had to take him for his last ride. It was not fun. He was such a good dog. We will miss him. Here are some good pictures of Cliff.
 Cliff in the Big Truck. Always ready to go.
One of his favorite places on the couch.

This was the last picture I took of Cliff.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
One of the Best dogs we ever had.
Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Do Not Evers

This is a list of Do Not Evers of RV buying.
1. Do not ever buy an RV with a Norcold refrigerator! It is also called a "Never-Cold" in the RV world. We bought a small refrigerator for the garage just to have cold beer and pop. 
2. Do not ever buy the extended service contract from Corner Stone! It was a huge waste of money.
3. Do not ever buy an RV from General RV. We could not get them to fix anything after we picked it up.
4. Do not ever give General RV all their money until you have all the work done on it. I had to install my own screen in the garage myself.
5. Do not ever trust the salesman! If his lips are moving, he is lying to you. We ran into our salesman 2 months after we got our RV and he forgot our names already.
6. Do not ever order parts from General RV! They ordered parts to fix our "Never-Cold" refrigerator. I had to call Norcold to chase the parts down. General RV had the parts for 2 week and couldn't find them in their own shop. 
I guess we did not have a good experience buying an RV from General RV. Ok I feel a little bit better now that I have vented.
We are still in Bakersfield, CA waiting for parts to get here to fix our kitchen slide. It has some broken parts in it so it hits the floor when we slide it in. It did damage the floor so we have the flooring on order too. 
 Here I am picking oranges right on our lot.  
 Oh the sweet bounty! Put in the "Never-Cold" and later they are killer juice. 

Peggy has been making fruit smoothies with all the local fruit.
On Saturday night we went to the local race track. Kern County Raceway. It's a real nice, new track. 1/2 mile, high banked, asphalt track. The racing was not all that good but it's a new track.
The weather here has been great!
We went to one of the fruit companies and got some good nuts and candy. Here they are packing the fresh oranges.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Peggy, Cliff and Biff on a hiking trail in Traverse City. MI.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Check Off Another one

Ok check off our first National Park of 2016! We went to Joshua Tree National Park. This is a really cool park and it has more then just Joshua Trees, it has these really cool rock formations.

 Skull Rock.
Peggy showing the way to Skull Rock.

Taking a break on a rock chair.
 We hiked all around the rock formations.
The Big Truck next to the Big Rocks :-)

 More fun Rocks. I thought we were rocked out from Quartzsite but here we are hanging around more rocks. You just cannot get away from rocks out west.
Oh and it does have Joshua Trees too.

Today we moved to Orange Grove RV park in Bakersfield, CA.
It was kind of a long trip, 254 miles. I think we are going to cut down our distance to the next spot by at least 50 miles.
 This is a real nice park. The site we are on is long and wide with orange trees on it. You can pick an orange on your own site. Tomorrow we are taking our rolling home in to Camping World to get some work done on it. It is 13 miles away. Our appointment is at 8:30 am. We are going to have to get up at 6:00 am to make it. That's awful early for us.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
  Peggy and I at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Plan "B"

We were going to go to Yuma, AZ to get some work done on our rolling home but the dealer closes it's service department for the summer. That is a little strange. This is one of the biggest dealers in the state. So plan "B" we went to our next stop in Twentynine Palms, CA. Sometimes we just have to be flexible on our plans. We are at Twentynine Palms RV Resort. We have a nice large pull-thru site with lots of room for all our stuff. The town is a little small but it has a good grocery store. This is part of the Mojave Desert. The Joshua Tree National Park is here. We have not gone in to the park yet, but we will be using Peggy's "Geezer" pass to get in for free.
 Here we are all loaded up in Quartzsite.
 The Reeper and the BGE fit just right. There is still lots of room in the front of the garage.
 We found our next RV.
This was parked outside the Joshua Tree Saloon in Joshua Tree, CA. We had lunch there and it was really good and it was National Beer Day to boot.
They were smoking a big pile of ribs out in the back of the bar. They looked really good.
Oh a funny thing. When Heidi was here, she was sleeping in the garage. She saw this giant spider on the screen. She told Peggy to go get me to kill it. But the real funny thing is, it's a fake spider. We get a lot of people with this crazy fake spider.
So we are staying here for a week, then on to Bakersfield, CA to get that work done on the RV. Today is the first time we have seen rain this year. It does rain in the desert once in a while.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Heidi on the 22 Donzi. I think this was the first week we had the boat on Higgins Lake.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.     

Monday, April 4, 2016

Good Times

Heidi was here for the weekend! We had a great time. We went to dinner Friday night at Taco Mio here in Quartzsite. Then on Saturday we went to the Desert Bar. It's a bar that's 5 miles out in the desert. It's a rough road and we took Heidi's rental car as the big truck would never make it. It takes about 20 minutes to get there. You have to drive very slow. 
Here she is at the desert bar. The church in the background is all made of steel. 
Here we are having a pop. Then we left the desert bar and drove down to Fox's floating bar on the Colorado river. It's a nice place to sit and watch some fast boats go by. Sometimes I miss the Donzi.
It's kind of cool, you can be in the desert and a short drive later and you're on the Colorado river. It was a great day to be on the water.
We had to sit in the shade. We don't want to get a sunburn.
Then on Sunday morning I took Heidi on a Reeper ride out in the desert to deer run.
We rode on some of the biggest hills on the way.
It was a lot of fun and we were glad to see Heidi. She had to go back to LA on Sunday afternoon to go back to work on Monday.
On Tuesday we are going to start our 2016 summer trip. First stop is going to be Yuma, AZ to get some work done on our rolling home. Last week we had to fix the fan on the truck's air. Got it done here at Best Auto. They did a great job.  
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Danny and Heidi on the Hobie Cat. About 1979.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.