Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ferry Trip

I am a little behind on the Blog, Sorry.
We are in Anacortes, WA at Pioneer Trails RV Resort. It's a real nice park in the woods with huge trees. They could be pine or cedar, we're not sure, but they are HUGE.
We have a nice pull thru site. The only problem is the satellite does not work here. Too many big trees. Oh look how nice and clean that RV is, we got it washed here. So we hope for no rain when we leave.
Anacortes is a nice town with a lot of good places to eat out at. They have a ship building company here. This one is going to be a research ship.
Monday, we took a ferry to Friday Harbor. It's on San Juan Island. We didn't take the truck. We did a walk on trip. It took the ferry about an hour to get there.
Here's the ferry coming in. They can get a lot of cars and trucks on it.
They even had a logging truck on it.
 This is a nice view of the harbor from up in town.
  As we were coming in the harbor this float plane was coming out.
 We did the Whale Museum.
The museum was mostly about the Orcas or better known as the Killer Whale. They live here in the inlands. Sometimes you can see them from the ferry but we did not see any.
 There is a nice little town close to the park, Laconner, WA. It had a boardwalk that was really nice, with lots of restaurants right on the water.  
  It's a crabbing port. See all the crab pots stacked on the dock.
We had fish fingers at one of the restaurants and they were good. I think we are going back there today to have the fish and chips. I am still not tired of eating fish and chips.
 We finally got our floor repaired. Here is the before. 
 Here is the after. The slide has been working good after we got it fixed in Bakersfield. The guy we got to fix it did a real nice job. You can't even tell where the damage was.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Monday, June 20, 2016


We took a trip to Depoe Bay to see if there were any whale in the little harbor. It's a real small harbor. We did not see any whales but there was some harbor seals.
 Harbor seals enjoying the sun on the beach. 
 A hundred or so. 
 Here on the Columbia river are some ocean going ships. It reminds me of all the ships we would see in the Great Lakes.

 Here is the Pilot boat, it take the pilots out to the ship to guide them through the sand bars along the treacherous Columbia River. He also guides them up river to Portland, OR., a hundred miles up the river. 
 Peggy, next to the biggest anchor I have ever seen. 
 Some cruise ships also stop here in Astoria. See the wood piled up.
 We had lunch at Bowpickers. It was the best fish & chips we have ever had. People line up to get the fish & chips and wait 45 minutes. That is the only thing on the menu.
 We went to the 35th annual Northwest Garlic festival. This guy is wearing a shirt "Got Nuts?" and I think he was a little nuts. We did buy some garlic BBQ sauce, garlic mustard and some garlic oil. We DO love garlic.     
Some kids having fun in the balls. How long can a kid stay inside with no air coming in?
 We took a tour of the Flavel house. It was built in 1886 for Captain George Flavel. He was the first bar pilot on the Columbia river. The house is 11,600 square feet. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but there were six coal burning fireplaces with hand carved mantels and rooms with fourteen foot high ceilings.
 The tower gave the captain a good view of Astoria and the Columbia river, so he could keep an eye on the local ship traffic.   
We have heard about Micro-Breweries for Beer, but now we have discovered Micro-Canneries. They are all over the coast and they can some of the best Albacore Tuna we have ever had. Stop buying it in the store and order it online at http://chucksseafood.com/ 
It does cost a little more but it is worth it. We have had it from 3 different canneries and they all have been good. They do have canned Salmon, Smoked Salmon and Smoker Tuna also. I am going to try that too.

The park we are at has a small golf course. So we had to try it out. Look at the shaft bend in this POWER shot. The only bad thing is the face is a little open. So it went right.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Above the 45th

We have moved to Astoria, OR. We are at Lewis & Clark Golf and RV Park. We will be golfing as soon as it stops raining. That is one thing about being on the Oregon coast it RAINS a lot! It was a beautiful drive up 101 again. We are above the 45th parallel for the first time this year.
It took us about 3 1/2 hours to go 130 miles. We love these short trips. 
Our new site. It's nice and long. The park had to come over and trim some limbs off the tree next to us. 
 Our neighbor's dog is ready to go for a ride. What a lucky dog.
  Nice sidecar.
This is the bed and breakfast, the Newport Belle. It was in the harbor of our RV park in Newport.
This diver was in big trouble.
This weekend we are going to go to a Garlic Festival in Ocean City. I am looking forward to that. We love Garlic! Hope we can find some new ways to peel it, store it, cook it, bake it, and eat it. I remember one time when we were camping with Patty and Joe and we baked some garlic in their new motorhome. I bet you can still smell it in that motorhome. It was a really good time and the garlic was killer.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Long Drive

We have moved again. We are in Newport, OR at the Port of Newport Marina and RV Park. It's a really nice RV park with big pull-thru sites. One of the coolest things is it has a Brewery in it! The Rouge Brewery and Distillery. 
 Of course we had to sample the local stuff. We had dinner at the brewery, the food was really good. I had Mac and Cheese with bacon on top and Peggy had the beer cheese soup and salad.
They have a few kegs to fill. To get to the restaurant you have to walk thru the brewery. It was a kind of cool self guided tour.
Thursday we went to the Newport Bay Front. It's an old part of the town where the fishing boats come in. There are a lot of old shops and fish markets. I was going to make crab cakes for dinner one night but the crab was $39.95 a pound. So no crab cakes for us.
 There was a bunch of sea loins in the harbor.
 They are huge and noisy. Barking like big dogs. Some are tagged for biologists to track.
This was our view from the brewery at dinner. 
Oh, the drive to get here was a ton of fun. You cannot drive up the 101 from our last stop of Bandon. On the way there is a tunnel that only has 11' clearance. Our GPS was trying to get us to turn around but we couldn't figure out why until we were 1 mile from the tunnel. So we had to go back about 20 miles to get around it. It was a 303 mile trip. That's way too long of a drive for us.
This is not the small tunnel, we could fit thru this one.
It was a little foggy on the way. The Pacific Ocean is on the left in this picture. 
The beach is pretty nice but the wind was really blowing this day and it was really COLD!
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Bandon By The Sea

We've moved to Bandon By The Sea RV Park. The funny thing is that it's NOT by the sea. It should be called Bandon close to the sea. But the drive to get here was beautiful.
The 101 is right next to the Pacific Ocean. 
 Then it's back in the redwood rain forest.
 Then back to the ocean.
This ELK sign is no joke. The elk are right on the side of the road.
 In the harbor in Bandon they have a very nice boardwalk with all kinds of wood carvings.
 This one was really cool.
The weather here on the coast is a little cool and the fog rolls in and out all the time. We did see some seals in the harbor.
 I have never seen this flower before.
Here is Peggy in the Eternal Tree House. It was a stump made into a house a hundred years ago. 
 We went to The Avenue of the Redwoods. It's a state park.
 Even the clover grows BIG in the Redwood forest. 
See how big the trees are. They make the truck look little.
We got here Wednesday and the next day I drove to Coos Bay to get new front tires on the Big Truck. One of them got a big slice in it somehow. So that made me really nervous about blowing a front tire with the RV on the back. It's all about keeping all our stuff going down the road safely.

 Live Happy and Always Go Big.