Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pretty Drive

We have left one of our favorite RV Parks, Ogden's RV Resort. The park assistant manager, Jeff took us for a guided ATV ride up in the mountains. We got as high as 11,000 feet.
Having lunch with Jeff and Al at the miner park.
This is an old Gold mine on the mountain, it's at 10,575 feet. 
Here is a cabin way up there.
Jeff and Al.
It was just a beautiful ride. Peggy does a great job of getting pictures on all our trips.
Jeff coming up the hill.
 Miners Park is a small museum in the woods. 
Here is part of the mine.
Here is Jeff doing his real job, Farming. Stacking the hay.
We have moved to Moab, UT at Slickrock RV park.
We got a site on the end of the row. It's not the biggest site, but it's not bad. This town is close to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. The Colorado river passes thru the town. But the most important thing in this town is that they have Jeep and ATV trails. We took a ride to Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corner. They were both rated as easy.
It was a great ride.
We saw some great views.
And sometimes there were these canyons that dropped 1000 feet down. I did not try to get too close to the edge. 
Looks like we are in a western movie. The only thing we did not see were any Indians on horseback.
 Check out this rock.
Here is a picture going down into a canyon.
How did He get this rock to balance on top of the others.
And why do these not fall and who painted the lines on them?
We did see some climbers on the cliffs.
We are planning to do some more trail riding today. We are going to do the Steelbender Loop, It's rated as a Difficult trail. 
We'll see. We can always turn around. 
We are having the time of our lives and feel so fortunate to be able to travel. 
More fun pictures to come.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Capitol Reef National Park

We have moved to Richfield, UT. We are at Ogden's RV Resort. It's a small park with two sites. We are the lucky ones to get the 30 amp site.
No pool at this park but the best thing is that it's FREE. We are at Our friends Jeff and Diane's house a.k.a. Ogden RV Park.
 Our view of the farm.
On Saturday we took a trip with fellow campers in the park, Harold and Donna and our camp owners, Jeff and Diane to Capital Reef National Park. It was a nice guided tour of the park. When you go with locals it is so much nicer.
At the visitor center. I had to get this shot.
Peggy and our tour guide, Diane.
Cool looking rock.
Jeff and Diane holding up this rock.
This was another really cool rock. I took Peggy's picture as she is coming down the trail.
The happy couple.
Jeff, I am sure this rock is in a lot of other peoples pictures. It was a cool rock for pictures.
On the way we drove thru a small town and saw this cop on the side of the road. It did slow us down.
The cop that never sleeps.
We stopped at Steve's Steakhouse and had a good meal after our tour. A big thank you to our tour driver, Harold. Then we got back to Jeff's house and Jeff and I hopped in the Reeper and went to feed the horses on the other side of the farm.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, September 12, 2016

50 MPH

We are still in the sand dunes of Idaho. Yesterday the wind was blowing so hard we could not even go outside. Sometimes gusting to 50 MPH. It was like a sand blaster outside. So we stayed inside and watched football. We even got to see the Lions win in the last minute of the game.
We did get some riding in on Friday. Here is a shot going down hill on the trail to the dunes.
Going up hill. 
On top of the hill.
Running across the dune.
Even people sitting on the dune need to have a flag so nobody will run them over.
Only in Idaho. Going down the road we came up on a huge flock of sheep blocking the road. 
And their NOT so friendly guard dog. I think he is a Great Pyrenees.
I did get some target practice in.
Our neighbor's have some really nice ATV's. They also had some sand cars with hopped up V8 engines in them.
Back to the weather, it's starting to get a little cold at night. It was down in the 30's. Soon we are going to start heading south for warmer weather.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Sand Dunes

Before we left Twin Falls we went to dinner at a restaurant on the rim of the Snake River Canyon. The food was great and the view was awesome. We had a great view of the bridge and we saw two base jumpers leap off the bridge but unfortunately were unable to get a photo.  
 We have moved to the Idaho sand dunes. We are at Sand Hill RV Campground. It's right in the sand dunes.
         We have a nice pull thru site with a big concrete pad.

The weather is a little bit cooler here and the wind has been blowing hard, that's what makes the dunes.

We took a ride to this civil defense cave. It's a cave made from lava flows. Back in the cold war days this could have been used in case of a nuclear attack.

I went down in the cave. It was cold inside. You can go as far as 3000 feet in the cave. Down that low there is ice on the floor.
This was far enough for me.

Peggy did some Reeper driving, she is a good driver.
She does let me drive sometimes.
                              A good picture after our dusty ride.
The internet is not too good here, I am having a hard time getting this blog done. So it's time to stop.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

More Good Dogs

We are still in Twin Falls, Idaho. We met some more good dogs here in the park.
  This is Teva, a Red Boston. This is the first one I've ever seen. 
 This is Molly.
And this is Maddy.
 Molly and Maddy were parked right next to us. Their parents went sight seeing and we took care of them while they were gone.
We love Bostons!
We went to dinner with our new friends, Randy and Stephanie. They belong to Maddy and Molly.
There was a Wild Fire close to the park we are at! Out here if you don't water it, it will burn. There are wild fires all over the place.
We see some of the funniest things on the road. It's amazing that these huge wind turbine blades spin.
We Kayaked the Snake River. We didn't get a lot of pictures because we didn't want to drown our camera or phones. But here I am, ready to hit the class zero rapids. 
This is the Perrine bridge over the Snake River. It's the only bridge in the country that's legal to base jump off of. We kayaked right under it.
 Here are some water falls in the Snake River Canyon.
You can hike down and go behind this one. Too far down for us amateurs.
When we got back from our Snake River Canyon fun, I made a Pizza on a new pan I just got. It was killer; the BGE did it's job again!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.