Friday, January 27, 2017


This blog is going to the Dogs! The park is full of dogs of all sizes. We've been taking pictures of them all week. Here's some of our shots.
Max, the Boxer.
Charlie, the labradoodle.
Diamond, the Great Dane.
Chico, the Papillon.
Zipper, the Corgi.
Our neighbors, Tom and Milla's dachshunds. 
Can you find Shantell's dog, Jessie?
This is Jeff and Diane's dog, Champ. We were dog sitting him the other day.
Roy, the crazy German Shepherd pup.
This cutie was at the Howlin' at the Moon. 
Buffy in her cube. We had Buffy for the day when her parents went to Mexico. This is the coolest Boston.
 She loves to sit on your lap and get petted.
What a funny Dog. We could keep her. I told them that if she disappears, not to come looking here. (but we'll need that cube.)
This week hasn't been all dogs, I had to fix our toilet!
The seal went bad and I had to replace it. So you have to take it out to do that. It's a crappie job but someone has to do it. 
We did get an estimate on our blow-out damage on the wheel well, $1325.00 to fix it. We'll get that done before we leave Yuma.
The weather has been a little cool, but next week it'll be back in the 70's. We're ready for that.

 We had lunch at Lutes Casino today and got a picture with Bob the owner. Quite a character.

Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
This was the every first picture I took with this camera back in 2002. Biff was doing his thing.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Betty's RV Park Reunion

We had a good day on Friday; we had lunch with Jim and Nanc at Da Boyz Italian restaurant in downtown Yuma. The food was good and the Beer was cold.
We met Jim and Nanc at Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, Louisiana when we first started this trip back in 2014.  They're in Yuma for a week. We went to happy hour at their site for a Betty's RV Park Reunion.
Everyone with there Betty's apparel on.

We met up with six other couples that all have been to Betty's.
With a big table of food and Booze.
We called Betty and had a Happy Hour to Happy Hour conference call. Betty was happy to hear from us.
 Everyone had their Betty's apparel on.
We are going to go to Betty's in the spring for a couple of weeks. 
I need to map out when we'll get there. We haven't really started our trip planning for 2017 yet; but Betty's is on the list.
We stayed until it got dark. (Old people hate driving in the dark).
But tonight is Howling at the Moon party out in the desert so we will be out after dark again. But this time we'll be crossing the desert in the Reeper in the dark. Good thing I changed the headlights on the Reeper. The new ones are real bright.
This week has been crazy busy, just having fun.

Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.

We need to see SNOW once in a while so we can remember how bad it is.

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Camel Fun

We finally found the long lost Camels of Arizona! We've been looking for a long time. 
 This is the story of the long lost Camels. Some did escape from Hi Jolly's camp and roamed the desert here in Arizona.  
Hi Jolly's grave site in Quartzsite, AZ.
 Peggy with one of the descendants of the last Camels found in the desert by Yuma. ;-)
Jeff, getting up close.
This is the oldest one found. He had a real low voice. His name was Old Camel Joe.
Little baby Camel.
Isn't he cute.
We loved the Camels and all their friends at the Camel Farm.
 Peggy, feeding the donkeys.
They had some water buffalos without a lot of water. 
That's just weird.
Up close to the Ostrich.
Oh, they had to have a Zebra! 
Oh, and here is the huge, desert Tortoise.
The closest we have been to the mountain goat. He has his own little mountain.
We had a ton of fun at the Camel Farm. 

Making friends in Mexico!
We have been getting care packages from home. Heidi and Matt sent us some fun stuff like this oven mit to show where we're from and Terry sent us some Pickled Bologna. You can't find Pickled Bologna in the west. I'm going to take the oven mit to the next happy hour.

Throw Back Picture of the Blog.
We miss our hot tub, but NOT the SNOW.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.