Thursday, December 7, 2017

Get 'R Done

We've been working on fixing some things on the RV. It's good to be in one spot for a while to do these things. 
We went to the flea market and got a sign made. They did a real good job.
We got a new faucet installed in our kitchen sink. The old one was just not good quality. Sometimes they put cheap stuff in RV's. It's nice to make it better to live in.
We got a new dash mat made at the local sewing center.
Our front step broke, so I have a new one on order. We hate these steps anyway. They were always very hard to unfold. The new steps will fold up inside the door. That's a way better design.
I cooked a killer turkey on the BGE. You can get the recipe at this link BGE-Turkey-Cheat-Sheet.
Got the big truck washed.
 Peggy has been busy dog sitting. This is Ollie. 
 This is Max. We have him for the weekend.
This is Bryan. He likes sitting on the safe and looking out the door.
We went to Karaoke one night with Glenn and Sandra. Glenn is a good singer.
 We had a little visitor one day. He was just traveling thru.
A Desert flower.
I've been golfing in two leagues. Trying to make my game better. But I'm not sure it helps.
The weather has been good and warm. Today it's a little windy but nice and sunny. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.