Friday, February 23, 2018

Still in Yuma

We're still in Yuma and having a ton of fun even though the weather this past week has cooled down a bit. It's been in the 60's for our highs and down in the 30's at night. I guest we're paying for all the 80's we had in January. But the sun is still out most days.
We had our Tuesday Golf  League rap up party. Here's a good picture of most of the players.
We had a big table of prizes that we funded with 50/50 drawings on golf day. I was put in charge of the prizes and the pizza party. We had 10 pizzas from Da Boys Pizza shop and a couple cases of Beer. I had a $501.00 budget. The golf club gave me great discounts on all the prizes.
We had a little chipping contest. Canada vs USA. Losers had to buy the Beer at the course the next day. The score was Canada 3, USA 4. The Beer at the course was on the Canadians on Tuesday! And it was soooo good! That started Canada vs USA Ryder cup style contest for the next day.
Here was my team. Janet, Me and Lois. My team shot a 3 over 39 to tie the Canadian team. But USA won the tournament. 3 wins, 2 ties and 1 loss.
The winning USA team.
Peggy had Vinnie for a couple of days. He was a ton of fun.
Then she had Koby for a one night stay. But he spent most of the time on my lap.
We had a super bowl party and Jeff won $150 big ones on the boards. Dilly, Dilly.
We sold the Reeper and got a new golf cart. The Reeper was too hard to service, so it had to go. The golf cart is like new and we use it to get around the park.

I added solar lights to our new steps and got a set for the back door.
On a recommendation from Mike Mills I got this RV cable grip for our cable TV connector. Here is the link:
They work great. Little things like this make it easier to set up the RV when we move a lot. We're still here for 6 weeks or so before we start our 2018 trip.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.