Friday, June 22, 2018

Big Green Egg

I needed to do a Big Green Egg Blog. So here we go.
It all started back in 1994 when I purchased my very first Big Green Egg.
Bill and his Egg. Bill and I got our first Eggs together. I made a road trip to Rockford, MI to the Outdoor Cooking Store. I picked up two medium Eggs, one for me and one for Bill. 
That was the only place in the state you could purchase a Big Green Egg back then.
That was the start of the Egg-Nation for us.

 My Egg when we lived in Saginaw. This is why we left Michigan!
Christmas Egg.
 My Egg on the road.
Brother, Terry with two of his three Eggs.
 My son-in-law, Matt with one of his two Eggs. 
New Eggheads that Heidi and Matt converted. 
Welcome to Egg-nation.

Sister and brother-in-law, Patty and Joe's Travel Egg.
Son, Danny's Eggporium. Using both Eggs, Way to go.
Patty and Joe's Da U.P. Snow Egg.
And then there is food on Eggs.
 Turkey breast.
 Ribs and I am not sure what that other thing is. I think that was on Patty's Egg.
Ribs in the smoke.
Scallops wrapped in Bacon! I'm hungry for that.
Chicken ka-bobs. 
 This was at Oktoberfest at Stone Mountain in Atlanta.  
Dr. BBQ and I.
The Egg on the move. Peggy is running the winch. This is the best way to load an Egg.
And then we have the most disgusting Egg of all. Stripper Doug and an Egg.
Send me more pictures of you and your Egg.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, June 18, 2018

On The Coast

We've moved to Oceanside RV Park in Charleston, OR. This park is right on the coast. It was a fun drive to get here. This is one of the parks we've been to before. We have a better site this time, a deluxe drive thru. 
It was a two lane journey here with lots of curves and
 NO shoulders.  
We've met up with our friends Craig and Charlie and their three Bostons, Jay Jay, Booger and Baby. 
The first time we met them was in West Yellowstone back in 2015. 
They were parked right next to us. 
They love the treat lady, Peggy.
They love treats!
I got the drone out and got some good pictures of the coast and the cool, rocky point. This is at low tide. At high tide the point is under water.
Here's a shot of the park. Craig will be a drone owner before we leave.
A little drone video of the park and the ocean beach.
  Here's our rig with Craig and Charlie on the left.
The weather is a little cool here on the coast. When it's 60 it's normal when it gets to 65 it's nice, when it gets to 70 the locals go crazy.  

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Great Ride

We did one of those touristy things. We went on the Hellgate Boat Tour. It was a blast! It was a 2 hour, 36 mile trip from Grants Pass to Hellgate Canyon on the Rogue River.
The boats are 40 feet long and 10 feet wide, powered by three 4.3 liter Chevy V6's,
Our boat had 30 people on the trip.
Here we are coming into the very narrow Hellgate Canyon.
We saw some wild life on the ride. 
I got this real good shot of an eagle.
These two boats had the Grants Pass high school senior class on them.
We had a great time on a beautiful day. 
The water was quite shallow in some places.
The boat captain had a lot of fun trying to get us wet. He would spin this huge boat around. Just like we used to do in our own boats back in the day. Next time we're going to take the 5 hour, 75 mile trip. More rapids on that ride and you get lunch with it.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Grants Pass

We've moved to River Park RV. 
It's on the Rouge River in Grants Pass, OR. 
The park is a little small but we got all our stuff on the lot.
It was a 170 mile drive from Mountain Gate. 
Here was the view from I5. Mt Shasta. That is as close as I want to get to SNOW! But it is beautiful.
Before we left Redding, CA it was Peggy's Birthday. So we had a late lunch at O'Leery's Pub. She got her favorite Irish Beer, Smithwick's. 
Inside O'Leery's they had all these old casts of Jameson Irish Whiskey.
They had a lot of good tap Beer. Peggy got a FREE Smithwick's from the bar owner for her Birthday!
She opened her Birthday present. I got her a Growler-Werks 64 oz Stainless Growler.
Mike with a Cotton Wood Snow Ball.
It's snowing from the cotton wood trees here in the park.
They have a lot of funny wooden sculptures in the park.
A guy playing a flute in the tree.
And some creature in a tree stump!
The Rouge River that runs thru the park.
We had lunch at Climate City Brewery. That's the Brew Master, Acacia Cooper, in the picture.
I put a Turkey breast on the BGE at 9 o'clock this morning. Low and Slow all day! It will make some really good sandwiches.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.