Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We Love Montana

We love Montana. We're at Spring Creek Campground in Big Timber, MT. The park is not that big rig friendly. Our site is right on the Boulder River. It's designed to be a pull-in site for a Class A so our hook-ups are on the wrong side and we have NO sewer hook up. The good thing is our satellite works here!
But we have a big tree right behind us so the view isn't great.
This lady caught 4 brown trout and a rainbow trout right behind us.
We found a cool bar out in the middle of nowhere. Holly's Roadkill Saloon. Nice place.
Holly had this cute baby French Bulldog. Rodeo was his name.
 We took a 25 mile ride down to the end of the road that the park is on to "Natural Bridge Falls".
  The Boulder River disappears and goes underground and comes up a half mile later.
It was really beautiful.
 You can see it going underground here.
This was a little scary to read at the parking lot of the falls.
  Me at one of the lookouts at the falls.
It may be time to start heading South. See the snow in the mountains. That wasn't there last week. It got down to 45 degrees last night.
We stopped and had lunch at the Iron Star Pizza place in Big Timber and ran into this on our way back.
Moving Cows on the road. We had to wait about 20 minutes. But it was a ton of fun to watch.

 These two would not cooperate.

BGE Picture of the Blog. 
 Sweet corn on my Egg. It was really good!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Fire and Smoke

We're in Great Falls, MT for a couple more days. The smoke from all the wild fires has been pretty bad here the last couple of days.
Mila sent us this picture of the fire in Glacier National Park. We were just there last week. This is looking across McDonald Lake. Sometimes in the National Parks they don't fight the fires, They let them burn out by themselves. I'm not sure that's what's going on here. Looks bad. The Park is closed.
 This was the sun yesterday at 5 pm. The smoke almost blocked it out.
We did the Tour at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center here in Great Falls. It was a very Interesting tour. They had a nice 30 min movie telling the amazing story of Lewis and Clark. 
This is the coin that Lewis and Clark would give to the Indians on their trip.
  A funny story, Beaver Swipes a note that Lewis left for Clark on a fresh cut pole so Clark went the wrong way.
Peggy hates these suspension bridges. She's holding on pretty tight.
We went to The Great Falls. They Built the Ryan Dam on top of it back in 1913. I don't think they would be allowed to build a dam atop a waterfall today.
The falls looked pretty.
But the funny thing is this is a different falls 5 miles up the river and they did it here too. 
I got a new bike delivered here at the park. It's an Addmotor E-Bike with fat tires. It can go 25 MPH with a fat guy on it. Took me about an hour to put together.
On day two I got a flat tire. That's how my luck goes sometimes. Got it fixed at the local Bike shop, Back on the road an hour later!
Got a nice helmet to keep the melon safe.

I added a link to a new page to the blog on the side. It's a list of Favorite Bars, Restaurants and Breweries that we have found in our travels. Check it out.  

We went to the Farmers Market on Saturday and got some really good sweet corn. The BGE did it's job again!

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Dennis and his BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Great Falls

We've moved to Great Falls, Montana to Dick's RV Park. It's a nice park with big, pull thru sites. We can get all our stuff on it. The drive here was beautiful. We followed the Missouri river most of the way here thru the mountains from Helena.    
They water the grass every night, so we have to put our chairs away every night.
We found a great restaurant in the old downtown of Great Falls, The Celtic Cowboy. It's an Irish Pub. I had the Steak and Fries. 
It comes with a bowl of killer Gravy!
It's so good we've been there twice.
Here's Peg cracking me up. She had a warm, Goat Ball Salad and a Smithwicks Irish Beer. I'm NOT eating anything that has Balls in it out here! We've seen Rocky Mountain Oysters (Bull Nuts) in some restaurants.
Live music at the Celtic Cowboy. The restaurant is in a building that's over 100 years old.  
We took our rolling home in to get service done. But the shop we took it to didn't do all the work we wanted them to do. So it was kind of a waste of our time. They had it all day and only lubed our slide outs. I could've done that! It's hard to find a shop with good, reliable RV service.
And we found a good brewery, The Front Brewing Company. 
Good Beer and Great BBQ food. 
After all, we are on a Bar, Restaurant and Brewery Tour! So we can add these two places on our list of go to's. 
There was a small car show at the bar down the street from our park. A nice Rat Truck.

We are here for two week, so we ordered some new compartment handles for the Big Truck. This is the before picture.
This is the After! Looks pretty Good. It only took 20 minutes to change them all and one trip to the hardware.
It was really hot last Friday it got to 105! It was hotter here that day than it was in Yuma (103). 
Got a picture from Dennis cooking Oysters in Gig Harbor RV Park. The funny thing is, he's on the same site we had when we were there, number 14.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
This was at the Eggtoberfest last October in Atlanta.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Glacier National Park

Check off Glacier National Park. We took the Red Bus Tour in the park. There is NO way we could've taken the truck into the park "On The Road to The Sun"
These old buses are from 1936.They were rebuilt by Ford Motor Company back in 2003. The roof is open so you can see out the top.
 It was a good tour. If you come out here, make sure you make reservations.
Doug wouldn't let me drive so I was the copilot.
 We saw a lot of beautiful scenery like this waterfall. 
My camera ran out of memory so I had to use my phone for this cool shot of some mountain goats. 
 This waterfall gets that nice blue color from the Glaciers.
This is as close as you can get to Spray Glacier. You have to hike to them and it's not easy.
Crazy people swimming in a stream. The water is only 44 degrees.
Some great views.
The bus was originally built by the White Motor company.

Buses parked at Logan's Pass. We turn around from here to go back. It was a 4.5 hour round trip.
The road isn't very wide and to the right is a small rock wall and a huge cliff.
A funny view in the rear view mirror.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
BGE in Montana!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.