Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hot Weather

We've been having some really hot weather here in Vegas. Some days it hits 100 or more. Sometimes we just stay in the air conditioned RV. So we've been getting up early in the morning to enjoy the cooler weather. I've been riding my bike 10 miles every morning before it gets too hot.
Fat guy on a bike! Watch close, I can make the seat disappear!
We've been to a couple of local brewers here in Vegas. 
This was at Bad Beats Brewing. Just a small place, but the beer was good.
Bad Beat's Brewing room.
Bad Beats is located in an industrial complex. You can walk from Bad Beats to Craft House Brewing, another small brewery. The brewery business is growing like crazy! 
I need to get a growler rack like this for my bike.    
Enjoying a cold one with my wonderful wife!
Another place we like is World of Beer or AKA WOB. It's in one of the big malls in Henderson.
This was at WOB. The Infusion Tower. They infuse beer with a different flavor every day. I have never seen that before. 
We will need to add this RV to our "Funny Things You See in RV Parks". Custom paint job.
We always stop at the local BGE stores to see what is new. This is one of the biggest stores we have been to. They had a lot of good stuff but we have all the stuff we need right now. But I did see the NEW top for the BGE it looked pretty cool. I will have to get one later when they are available.
We went down to Fremont street and stopped at Hogs and Heifers. It's always a good place to stop. You can even get up and dance on the bar. We had a beer and went next door to Rock Pizza and got a big slice of delicious pizza for lunch.  

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Heidi making ribs on her BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Vegas Baby

We did a 3 day run from Twin Falls, ID to Las Vegas. We stopped in Jackpot, NV for one night at Cactus Pete's RV Park then to Ely KOA for one night. It was a 287 mile run to Arizona Charlie's RV Park in Las Vegas. We stopped here on our way north in the spring. It's a nice park, with big pull thru lots. It has good security, with guards on bicycles riding around the park.
This was our site at Oregon Trails RV Park in Twin Falls. This was The nicest site we've had all year.
This was our site at Cactus Pete's RV Park in Jackpot. Nice 120 foot long site with some shade trees.
Our site in Ely.
This was our view most of the way from Ely . . . a whole lot of nothing. We didn't have cell phone service for 200 miles. This was on "The Great Basin Highway".
Our site at Arizona Charlies. It's going to be a little hot here but we can handle it. It's 101 with 7 percent humidity right NOW but it's a dry heat! 
The only bad thing that happened on our drive was the RV plug came out and we dragged it for a while. We wondered why people were flipping us off in Vegas. Driving thru town with no brake lights and turn signals! I am going to replace the plug with one that is a little shorter. So if it comes unplugged it won't drag on the road.  
When we got to Twin Falls we went to Blue Beacon Truck Wash. We got the truck and RV washed for $84 bucks. That's cheap!
It looked great after they got done.
Sitting in line at the Blue Beacon we watched this guy get stuck in a ditch. They had to bring the big wrecker to get him back on the road again.
 It didn't look like fun for him. I got flash backs from the time I got the truck and RV stuck in the ditch blocking the road for 3 hours back home a few years ago. I'm glad we have no photos of that. I think it cost us $300 bucks to get it out of the ditch.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Smoking some wings in Idaho Falls.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

More Falls

We've moved to Idaho Falls at Snake River RV Park. I'm not sure why they call it Snake River RV Park, you can NOT see the river from the park. We have a big pull thru site. The only thing I don't like is it's one of those buddy sites, where you share a grass space with your neighbor. 

 We went to the local Farmers Market and got some delicious sweet corn to cook on the BGE. Check out these cool looking pumpkins.
Some people have some special talent.
We also went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. They had one of our favorite things, Indian Relay Race. One Indian has to ride 3 different horses bare back around the track as fast as they can. It's pretty exciting to watch them change horses.
They run 5 different teams at a time.
They've been doing this for almost 100 years here in Idaho. The first time we saw this event was in Sheridan, WY.
They have some beautiful horses.
They let some girls race too. But one of them got bucked off and broke her leg.
 We see some funny things on the road sometimes. Here's a good one. Barley Today...Budweiser Tomorrow. Budweiser has a giant grain elevator here in Idaho Falls.
   It was a huge truck.
Another funny thing.
On the way here we saw this huge grass fire. The whole west could go up in flames at anytime.
This picture was in Muzz and Stan's Tavern in Butte. The owners were good friends of Evel Knievel. Evel was from Butte. The owner stopped buying Wild Turkey after Evel Died because he was the only one that was drinking it.
Butte was very proud of Evel.
Sweet corn on the BGE.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Matt using his New XL Egg.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Orphan Girl

We've move to Butte, MT. We're at 2 Bar Lazy H Campground. It's a pretty nice park, on a hill. The sites are nice and big. Butte is an old mining town so there's a lot of history. It was one of the first city to get electricity in the nation. We're at 5500 feet so it's getting a little cold at night. Temps got down to 30 degrees last night. We really need to start heading south soon. 
 You can rent a Tee Pee for a night here at the park.
We took the guided tour of The World Museum of Mining. We went 100 feet down in the Orphan Girl mine.
Ready to go Down!
Down at 100 feet it was dark and cold. Our guide Tony, gave a demonstration of electric carts that are currently used in the mine. Before electricity, mules were used to tow the heavy carts. The mine goes down to 3000 feet below us but it's now full of water. They stopped pumping it out in 1989. There are 10,000 miles of tunnels under the city of Butte. And they also have one of the biggest open pit mines in the world, The Berkeley Pit, where copper and silver are mined.
 This was at the Museum. They moved all kinds of original, old buildings to the museum site.
 We had to walk down, but back in the 1800s the miners would ride in cages that held 8-10 miners at a time.
Safety sign in the mine.
Orphan Girl Crew in 1930.
They had a memorial wall with 2800 names of men lost in the mines over the years.
 This is a Fordson Snow Machine. In 1929, This Fordson Tractor was converted into a screw-propelled vehicle. I'm not sure how it made any turns.
The Uptown Butte has a ton of old, cool buildings.
We had lunch at one of the many unique bars in Butte, Muzz and Stan's Expressway Tavern. They're famous for the Wop Chop Sandwich that was featured on "Man versus Food". It's a deep fried pork chop sandwich. Peggy had one. I added Muzz and Stan's to our Favorite places list.
This is my crazy attempt to get more flow but not more pressure to our rolling home. Does it look good? I build it without getting burned or hurt.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Two Men and an Egg.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.