Friday, May 10, 2019

Stop #3 2019 Season

We left Mesquite and did a two day run to Sparks, NV. We stopped for one night in Beatty, NV and then one night in Hawthorne, NV. We have a phobia about driving more then 200 miles a day.
We had a ton of fun visiting with our friends, Charlie and Craig and all their Bostons. Thanks guys for all your hospitality!
Booger, Jay Jay and Baby cooling off in the pool.
Our site in Sparks Marina RV Park. Not sure why they call it Marina RV Park, there's not a boat for miles. We're going to stay here for 28 days. We like the area, lots of good restaurants and stores to hit. After we set up our site we went to one of our favorite Greek restaurants, Spiro's Sports Bar and Grille. We both had Gyros with Feta and, as usual, they were killer good.
  Katie had to put a sweater on this morning. 
It was only 54 degrees out. 
Check out this old RV. Must have been one of the first ones ever built. See the manufacturers name between the windows. I couldn't make out what kind it is. Anybody got any ideas? 
New windshield and a paint job and it's ready to go.
I think we'll stick with this one.  

Many Americans suffer from this cruel fear. I've had this before.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Matt doing some winter Grilling. Pour on that sauce!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.  


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Stop #2

We have moved to Mesquite, NV. We're at Sun Resort RV Park. It's a nice, small park with huge pull thru sites that's right next to Smith's. We love Smith's. 

We're here to visit with Charlie, Craig, Booger, Jay Jay and Baby. They just moved here in a beautiful, 55+ community.
Baby, Booger and Katie hard at play. The first day, Katie played for about 5 hours non stop. When we got back to our rolling home she slept for about 13 hours.
 She did OK. She plays good with the girls. They have a really nice, dog friendly backyard to play in.
Jay Jay just stands back and watches the girls play.
Peggy with a bowl of food.
I just had to get on the floor and play with the pups. Bostons are so much fun.
Check out this beautiful cactus in Charlie's backyard.
  Craig and I played 36 holes on this really nice putting green course at the community center. 
 Our site. I put up a huge dog pen and Katie loves it. Thank you, Jim and Isabelle. They gave us the pen and it works great. Just open the back door and she goes out.

We had a fun time in Bullhead City when I dumped our black tank. The smell in the RV was so bad we had to go outside. We investigated the problem and found that a check valve under the sink had fallen off. We just reinstalled the check valve so we'll see if that fixes the problem.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Matt smoking an Easter Ham. Looks good Matt! 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.