Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Got that done

We're still in Sparks, NV. We had Katie spayed here. 
She didn't like that.
Here she is for the pre-surgery check up. 
Pyramid Veterinarian Hospital did a fabulous job.
Here she is with the new fangled cone on so she can't get to the sutures.
Here she is passed out after surgery.
She was pretty happy to see us when we picked her up. 
We've been here for about 3 weeks. The weather was good when we first got here but soon after that it took a bad turn. It's been cold and rainy almost every day. Today is the first day that we've been able to sit outside and it could rain again later today!
Of course, all the locals say this weather is soooo unusual.
After we dropped Katie off at the vet, we went to BJ's Bar-B-Que for Bloody Marys and some good breakfast.
In between rain storms I made some Chicken Pot Pies on the BGE. They turned out pretty good.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Bacon, Chicken, Ranch Pizza!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


  1. Sounds like the same weather in da UP.

  2. Always the chef, hope kateee is recovered,keep us in touch


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