Saturday, July 13, 2019

Stop #8. One of the best.

We've moved to Crown Villa RV Resort in Bend, OR. This is what some people call a "High Roller" RV Park. The sites are huge, back-ins with paver bricks, double wide. We like this park and have been here before. 
Bend is a nice, growing town with lots of thing to do and see.
Our site. The only thing I don't like is my satellite doesn't work here. They have these huge pine trees that block the satellites. I did give it the "One Beer Search". After we get plugged in and the water hooked up and the slides are out, I turn the Satellite Dish on and get a Beer. After the Beer is gone if the Dish didn't find any satellites, you turn it OFF. That's the "One Beer Search".
 Bend has 28 micro Brewers, We're going to try to hit them all.(;-) So far we've got two down. We're trying to find the one with the best pretzel. This is the pretzel at the Good Life Brewery. It was pretty good. But so far the pretzel at Immersion Brewery is in the lead for the best.
The pretzel at Immersion Brewery was so good we didn't get a good picture until it was gone.
At Good Life Brewery and Distillery
 they make some good Gin too.
Oh, before we left Newport an airplane crash landed on the beach not far from our park. Luckily no one was badly injured.
I think I finally fixed our pantry door from coming open when we travel. This should stop that for good. It was a one hammer job.🔨
  Katie loves this park.
She got a new toy at PetSmart, Flat Squirrel. She loves toys.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
36 pound of Pork Butts. Good job stacking those Butts, Joe.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.  


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