Thursday, October 24, 2019

Phase II

Phase II is done. We got a 10x20 shed delivered last Thursday. It was a pretty cool machine he used to unload it.
He had two on the trailer. So he dropped ours in the street.
He put a set of wheels under one end, then this cool little machine on the other end. 
He drove it into the lot and had it in place in about 10 minutes.
This is much nicer then the old sheds.
Now all the work starts.
After about ten trips to the hardware I got it done in six days. 
Only had two little leaks in my plumbing. The laundry is up and running.
All in place. Phase III to come in two weeks. Wait and see.
Look at this Cactus Flower. It comes out for one day, then it's gone. All the bees love it.
Don't get too close, you could get picked or stung by the bee's.

BGE Picture of the BLOG.
I think I smoked the best brisket I've ever made!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Phase I

All moved onto our lot and we've started Phase I. Got rid of the two nasty sheds on the lot. Peggy put them on Craigslist and they went in 10 minutes. The price was right FREE. Just come and get them off this lot.
This is the before picture.
3 good, young guys showed up with a nice trailer and some strong backs. I just stayed out of the way.
Almost have one on.
This is a tough job. But I got it! 
They had them both loaded up and ready to go in about 45 minutes.
After picture. Looks great. Ready to fill in.
Phase II is going to be delivered and set up later this week, I hope. A 10x20 garage. So we moved the RV forward 4 foot just to make more room to put the garage in behind it. So now we just sit and wait. That will drive us crazy. Maybe I should call them every day and be a pain in the butt.
We met Heather, Mike, Dorie, big Mike and  Marilyn at Crazy Earl's for some good music and fun. The band was really good.
I love my new topper on the BGE. It works great.
Cooked a killer Meatloaf on it.

BGE Picture of the BLOG. 
Heidi cooking some wings. Oh, look at that nice table!

Throw Back Picture.
Just to remind us why we're here in Arizona this time of year.

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019


We got the main slide fixed! $2700 later. The guys at Arizona RV Services did a great job! Next time we need a big service job done we'll take it back to Arizona RV Service.
  That's as far as they could get the slide to come out.
Here it is with all the new parts and almost all the way out. It took them all day to do the job. We got out of there at 4:30 and took off to Gila Bend KOA about 80 miles away. We pulled in after dark. I hate doing that! But then we were only 125 miles from our winter home. We arrived at our lot about 10:00 am on October 1st. 
Good to be home.
Here we are, all set up at home. The weather has been real hot, in the high 90's and low 100's so far. So we get up at 6 am to get stuff done outside before it gets too hot.
We got all of our mats down.
We had to call Milo's Plumbing to fix the main shut off to the water coming into the lot. It had a pretty bad leak. This is the new one all fixed up. Thanks to Nick and his skills. 
I called Spectrum Cable to get high speed internet and OMG! that works way better than that super slow Verizon stuff we used on the road. I wished we could take it with us.
One thing at a time . . . we will rebuild this RV. The shocks on the big hatch just plain ass broke off. So I ordered some replacement parts and installed them. Look at this mechanism. That's the way it should've been from the factory. The RV industry doesn't have a good history of quality in my book.
Oh, we've been having fun hunting scorpions every night on the brick wall that goes around our lot. So far we've gotten 6 of them. We use a black light flashlight to get them to light up.
BGE Picture of the Blog
Matt cooking on his BGE!

Blog Throw Back Picture
Peggy and I way back in time.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.