Monday, December 30, 2019

Full Park

BGE RV Resort is full this week.
Our friends, Craig and Charlie, from Mesquite, pulled in to stay a week. We met them in West Yellowstone, back when we first started our journey.
  Charlie and Peggy enjoying the afternoon sun.
Peggy and Santa (Craig) with a blow up Christmas Boston.
 Craig and Charlie have two Bostons. Booger and Baby. So the dogs have been having a good time running and playing all day.
Baby is a 3 year old, good Boston.
Booger, taking a little nap.
With all the activity, Katie sleeps really good at night.
Craig and Charlie bought some cactus to take home and plant them in their yard. Here is Peggy with the one they picked out. A 42 inch Saguaro. Classy Cactus had all different kinds of desert plants to pick from.
Craig and the other one they picked out, a Toothpick cactus. It had real long needles on it. 
On the cactus buying trip we stopped at Mickey B's to have a refreshment.
We joined in a Happy Hour at our neighbors, Gordon and Maureen's house.
Bill and Marsha came over for Christmas dinner and happy hour.
Christmas table.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
 Christmas day dinner. A huge Prime Rib.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Happy Hour

We hosted a Happy Hour at the BGE RV Resort on friday. We had a huge turn out. I think half of our old park showed up.
The weather was great. Before it was over, people were moving into the shade.
I think we had 30 people and tons of food to eat.
We had 5 dogs running around playing and having fun.
Look at that beautiful, blue sky.
Some of them drove their Razors to the party.
 Bill and Marsha made the big trip from Michigan for the winter. They are in our old park, near our old lot.
We made a trip to Mexico with Bill, Marsha, Joey, Lois, Amanda, Peggy and I. We had a good lunch and did some shopping. 
Here's Amanda making new friends in Mexico.
A cute, little future Mariachi band member. 

Oh I had kind of a good and bad week for my Technology toys. I got a new computer, a Chromebook and I love it, Then my pixel 2 phone went nuts and died. So I got a pixel 4 to replace it and I love it too. They works great together.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Chef Joey cooking shrimp from Mexico. Looks good.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Weather is pretty good

We've had some rain here in the desert, but the weather has been pretty good. Most of November was in the mid 80's. That's some good weather.
I just got done putting up a gutter and it started to rain. Good timing. I know it's crazy to put up an eavestrough in the desert. But right in front of the shed is the septic tank that was put in just last year. The last rain storm was 1 1/2 inches of rain and the ground around the septic tank settled and we had to bring in more fill to fix it. So this is our attempt to make sure it doesn't happen again. Pushing the limits on that ladder! Peggy did a good job helping me.
We got picture of when they put the septic tank in last year.
We got a small refrigerator for our shed and I had to make a riser to bring it up. The best thing, is we can get Ice Cream! 
Katie and me with our matching sweatshirts.
We got fuel at the lowest price in a long time.  The only bad thing is they only let us get 35 gallons at that price. The big truck could take 100 gallons at that price.
Bill, Sharon and Buffy came over for happy hour the other day.

Buffy and Katie just have a good time playing around.

They can even play with an old piece of rope.
Bill and Marsha come over for happy hour last night. So we had a nice talk around the fire pit. You can see Katie in her own chair in her little snuggle bag.
Bill telling stories about their trip to Alaska. Sounds like they had a ton of fun.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Bill cooking Halibut on his BGE in Alaska.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.