Monday, February 24, 2020

Love the Sunny South West

The weather has been great. We got a little rain the other day, but today it's going to get in the 80's.
We went to the old park for Barry's 75th birthday party. Lots of old friends still in the park. It's nice to see them all.
We got a couple of awnings, one to shade our refrigerator. It's in the sun all afternoon, so this should help it work better.
 Got this one to stop the rain from running right down the window and get some shade. It's our rolling home so you need to take good care of it just like a house.
Peggy, Bill and I went to the local model plane airport to see a good show. We sat up in the back of the big truck to get a good view of the show.
Some of the planes are pretty big.
These two are doing some trick flying. 
They had twin cylinder 120 cc motors in them.
All three are doing some trick flying at the same time and didn't crash into each other.
The red one had a jet motor in it and it was real fast and sounded just like a jet.
Peggy, Doug and I watching the Daytona 500. The bad thing was, it got rained out in Daytona. But it was nice and Sunny and warm here.
We went out to dinner for Bills Birthday. Peggy got a cheesecake but it was too small to get all the candles on it.
  Using my FREE BGE cutting board.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Making some mushroom burgers on the BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Super Bowl Warm Up

We hosted a Super Bowl Warm Up Happy Hour on Saturday. 
We had 32 people and three dogs show up.
The weather was great, sunny and high 70's. And, as usual, there was lots of food and laughter.
Everyone was looking for the shade.
We started a couple of football boards to have some fun.
Peggy whipped up some brownie mix and I cooked it on the BGE. They turned out really good.
Gary, me, Dennis and Brad played in a Rotary Club golf outing. 
We came in at 6 under par. Not bad but 10 under won.
Bill, Marsha and Lois came over one night and Bill cooked us some Halibut on the BGE.
  The fish was killer good.
Before picture. I had to do some remodeling where the wood cracked. There's always something to fix on the RV.
 Peggy found some 1/8 inch paneling that could bend. I had some fun making it fit, but I think it worked good. We'll see. After I got that done we replaced the faucet in the bathroom and now it works great. One thing at a time we'll totally rebuild this RV. 
Katie, the funny dog at the door. (She's the one on the right.)

BGE Picture of the Blog.
BGE Snow Ghost!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.