Monday, November 14, 2022

A little Behind

 Been a little behind in the blog. We're all settled in at the BGE RV Resort for the winter. The weather has gone a little cool but it will warm up. We had our first happy hour.

Every Sunday at 2:00 happy hour. Bring the dogs and have fun.

Katie was glad to see her good friend Gracie! They just have a ton of fun together.

We got the RV washed and waxed. Looks good. We drove 5500 miles on our road trip to Eggtoberfest at Atlanta and back. We spent $3000 in fuel and $6000 in RV parks. The motor home worked great. We like it better than the 5th wheel. It's way easier to park and drive.

We made a trip to Mexico to get our teeth cleaned and a checkup. I need to go back and get some work done on a couple of teeth.

Our neighbor Gord is down from Canada for a month. The last time he was down was 3 years ago.

John cooked us breakfast. Peggy made us Bloody Mary's. Life is good.

Neighbors, John and Toni have two standard poodles, Katie is a little nervous around them. They are pretty big.

Good Bloody Mary breakfast. Nice and sunny but a little cool out.

We took John and Toni to the Arizona Market place. We had a couple of beers, met some old friends and listened to the band play some good music.

Got some funny pictures of Peggy. (special effect, not what it looks like) Just having a little fun with my phone.

I think Katie is happy to be back at the BGE RV Resort.

Katie loves Chewy!

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Matt making a killer, good looking Pizza on the BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Saturday, October 15, 2022


 We had a ton of fun at Eggtoberfest. Heidi, Matt, Bill and Marsha met us in Atlanta for the Eggtoberfest. They had it at a different venue this year. It was at Coolray Field, a minor league baseball park. It was different but it worked out good.

There are a lot of people cooking on the field and up on the concourse of the park. 

Taking a little break from stuffing our faces with really good food. It was a beautiful day. It was really good to see Matt and Heidi, glad they came down to meet us.

This was the 25th Eggfest. This was our 4th one.

The marching band.

The marching band was having a good time.

Happy hour at Bill and Marsha's lot.

Here we are having lunch down on Little 5 points in Atlanta. The food was good.
After Eggtoberfest we stopped at the Monkey Wrench Brewery to test out their skills at brewing. It was cold and good.
Katie bonding with Heidi, she loved Heidi.

We are back in Yuma! It was a 10 day blast back. We stopped at Betty's RV Park for 4 days. Betty's is always fun. On Saturday we went to Touchet's bar for the Cajun jam session.  This is one of the best places to go for Cajun Music.

Our friend Joe is in the band. We have not seen him in 5 years but he recognized us right away. I love the people in Louisiana they are the most friendly people.
The band!

On the way back we drove thru 2 days of rain in Texas, it was not fun. It's good to be back in Yuma. 

Oh look at what we found in the Buck Bald Brewery.

BGE Picture of the Blog .

Big Green Egg Museum at the factory store.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Friday, September 23, 2022

Biker Benefit

 We went to our favorite brewery in town on Saturday for a biker benefit to buy a ballistic vest for the police dogs. They had a 50/50 raffle and raffled off brewery merchandise. We didn't win anything. They had the dogs there and did some demonstrations of the dogs at work. It was pretty impressive.

This one sniffed out some contraband in a jeep.

They raised close to $1000 bucks.

They had a good turn out for a good cause.

We took a little road trip to Blue Ridge, GA and found The Grumpy Men Brewery. The beer was really good and they had a really nice patio to enjoy the great outdoors. We've been really enjoying hunting down breweries on this trip this year. We've found some good ones.

Here is another one in Hayesville, GA. Hayesville Brewing Company. They had a nice patio here too, overlooking a cow field out in the middle of nowhere. It's just fun finding places like this.

Here is another one! But sometimes the beer is not that good, like the cream ale I had here.
Patrick the Brew Master at Buck Bald Brewery doing his magic.  

We added a place to put our shoes at the end of the bed, it was Peggy's idea, and it worked out great. 
When we are at a park long enough to order parts for the RV it's a good thing. We ordered a windshield cover and it worked great.  We should have gotten this before we left Yuma. It's nice to make improvements to our home. 

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Katie relaxing in the sun.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Music in the park

 We are in Murphy, NC at Rivers Edge RV Resort. This is one of the best parks we've ever stayed at. The sites are 125 feet long and 50 feet wide, with nice grass between sites. We've stayed here before. This weekend is a little crazy here in the park with weekend people, but they'll be gone on Monday. It's a little rainy this week, and predicted almost everyday. 

Nice big site. And it's raining. 
The town has grown a little since the last time we were here. They have a nice Brewery, Buck Bald Brewing. The beer is very good.

I love these hop lights they have and they sell them, $200 each. But I don't have a place to put one up. They would have been great at our home bar back in Saginaw.

Katie had a new friend here in the park, Frankie the french bull dog. He would come over every time his people weren't looking. It was pretty funny.
We took a little road trip to Bryson City. We stopped to watch the river rafters go by. This is the site of the 2013 Canoe Freestyle World Championships.

Nice place to sit and watch. 

We found a nice Brewery in Bryson city. The Mountain Lakers Brewing Company. They had a food truck out back. We had Garlic Chicken Rice and it was good. We'll be going back again.

The park has had music this weekend at the pavilion. Friday night was a jam session that was pretty good for not having played together before. Saturday was another band and tonight Karaoke. I think we will skip that, I don't care for Karaoke.

This guy can play two saxophones at the same time.

Got a new toy. The Air Selfie drone. It flies out takes a picture then flies back to lands in your hand.

I think we found our old truck here in the park, but it's not. Same year and everything. Looks good and for sale.
Do Not take the Motor home this way. Only 6' 6"!

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Our Pilots dash in the Motor Home. You can never have too much information!
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Battle Field

We've left Nashville. We had a great time there. We should've stayed a little longer. We went to Honky Tonk Tuesday at the American Legion. We met our friend, Shantel there. Shantel is a famous writer, singer and recording artist who lives in Nashville. The stage show was on live radio. It was a very good show. Thanks Shan!

The place was packed with young people. I think we were the oldest in the building.

We had a ton of fun.

One of the local bands. They were good.

We hooked up with friends, Adam and Janelle. We met them back in Tom Sawyer RV park. We had a couple of happy hours together. We found Two Rivers Campground to be our favorite on Music Valley Drive. 

We got this good deal at Ole Smoky brewery where you buy 5, get 1 free and a free cooler! The Pickles are really good in a Bloody Mary.

We are at Holiday Travel Park in Rossville, GA. It's just outside of Chattanooga, TN. The park is built on a civil war battle field. The battle of Chickamauga in 1863, there was no real victor.

It's not a bad park, but we have our own pond on our lot. It has rained every day. The sun will be out, then moments later, it will be raining really hard.

We went downtown to Wanderlinger Brewery. The food and Beer was good. We both had the Ruben sandwich. 

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Katie in her bag sitting outside one night before the rain.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.