Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Great Weather

 The weather has cooled down to a great temperature; around the mid to low 80's. The golf courses are back open after they "over seeded" the fairway and greens. The courses always close for a month to seed. 

Last week the Tunnel to Towers Foundation Rolling 911 Memorial  trucks were downtown for a couple of days.

They had a nice setup. I support this foundation for $11 a month. I think it does good work.

It was a nice exhibit on wheels. Lots of good information on 911. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.

My phone has a new camera update that lets you take some wide angle shots.

And some funny special effects photos.

We've been playing a new game at the Moose we kind of like. Loud Mouth Bingo!

Peggy won $118 big ones!

The next week I won $98 bucks. So we really like this game! A lot of ones, but they all spend.

Our good neighbors, Gord and Maureen were here for 3 weeks. We had a couple of big feasts and a bunch of happy hours. And some Little Beers did flow. 

Then we had to go to Barney's house for a nice happy hour before Gord and Maureen headed back to the great white north.

We had a bad thing happen to Katie. We think she was bitten by something next to her eye. It didn't look good. And of course it was on the weekend, so Peggy took her to the emergency vet and $250 later and within a few days she was back to normal.
Katie and Gracie had their first play date last Sunday at our 2 o'clock happy hour. They just love to run around and have fun.    

And another bad thing happened to my Big Green Egg. The fire box broke! It has a lifetime warranty, so I have been talking to Golden at BGE to get it replaced. We met Golden at the Eggtober Fest way back in 2017 at the main BGE store. 
Had to do a little RV maintenance. The power shade up in the front bed came out of the bottom track. It wasn't too hard to fix except I dropped it and it hit me right in the mouth and chipped my front two teeth and gave me a fat lip.

The thing is huge, but we got it fixed. There's always something to fix on an RV.

We liked the lights on the trees so much we added a second light. It looks great at night.
Peggy said that if I don't get off my computer and help with the dishes, she'll slam my head on the keyboard, but I think she's jokinigfuhaieuneiugrbaiubfpiaeuhgpiuehvipnvpiwufhpqiurhfpwiunvpwiurfh!

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Just having fun in the sun!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Saturday, October 7, 2023

Home Improvements

 We've got a couple of Winter Home Improvements done this week. I wired in a couple more receptacles in the RV port. I'm not sure why we didn't do that when we got the lights installed, but we've got it done now.

That is about as high as I like to get! I bought 50 feet of wire and used almost all of it. That's good project planning. The best thing is, it all worked without blowing a breaker! I guess I didn't forget how to wire something up . . . Good thing it's only two wires. 

The other project was to have Specialty Sewing Senter install a shade on the front of the RV port.

They did a great job. It will keep the sun off the front of the RV. They've done work for us before and they always do a great job. It's all about keeping the sun out.

Night view. We love it so far. We just need to get Frank over to fix the bricks by the pole they installed in the corner.


I put a landscaping light on our neighbor's palm tree. Doesn't  it look cool!  They will be here next week. Maybe I talk him into putting more up-lighting on the other trees and maybe a cactus or two. That would look really cool.

Our other neighbor has this cactus that has some really pretty flowers on it in the fall.

It's kind of nice NOT to have things like that in our own yard. We had enough of that back in Michigan.

Some wildlife in the big tree next door. Katie was a little freaked out with that.

Peggy framed up some art work we got from an artist we met in Williams last spring. We hung it up in the RV. Classing the place up a bit.

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Katie Keeping an eye on us.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


 Wow it's HOT here in Yuma! We've been in really hot weather where the highest was 118! The RV, with both air conditioners running, got up to 82 inside. Good thing we have the RV port to keep us out of the smoking hot SUN. Our power bill was $337.00 for the month, that's the highest we've ever seen. 

We had a hurricane come thru, but it was only 69 mph winds, no rain. Then a week later we had Monsoon rain. We got 2 inches of rain with wind that day. 

This poor guy's carport blew right over the house and landed on the other side in the front yard. It kinda looks like art work. He's not here in town so it's been like that for a couple of weeks. I heard that the old RV park we used to be in lost about 6 carports and piled up a ton of sand in the park.

We sat outside during that huge rain storm.

Here is the wash on 14th street. It was only a foot or so deep, but moving fast and it was gone in about hour.

But the whole reason we are here was to get Peggy's eyes fixed. She got it done on August 21, a week earlier than it was scheduled. Check the video for the progress from day 1. She is happy with the good job the doctor did.

 I have golfed a couple of times, but it's so hot I haven't played as much as I would like. We start at 8:00 am to try to beat the heat. The best thing is, we got 1st place on Saturday and the next week we got 2nd place even after we got rained on really hard.

I think Katie is happy to be back. She just goes outside and lays in the hot Yuma sun sometimes, but not for long.

We got rid of Spectrum internet service. It had a lot of problems in the hot weather and would just stop working. So this year we're going to use Starlink. We love Starlink. It worked well in every place we traveled too. I changed the service status to standard so that will save $30 a month. I didn't think you could do that, but it works fine and only costs $120 a month. 

I whipped up a little Brisket on the good old Green Egg. It was really good. We ate off that for a couple of days. It was 3.5 pounds, just the right size for us.

 BGE Picture of the Blog.

Matt with his egg family at their cabin and they have a large back at home.

 Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

We are back in Yuma!

 We have made our way back to Yuma and yes it's HOT! We came back to get Peggy's eyes done later in the mouth. It's nice to be back. We got a swamp cooler to keep it cool outside. Inside the air conditioners run most of the time.

 We had a little problem with our water softener while we were gone. It got a crack in the side and made it leak. So we had to get a new one. I put the old one in our trash bin, but when the truck tried to pick it up it couldn't make it all the way into the top of the truck. He tried 3 times but couldn't make it. So I called them and they will pick it up next week for $13 bucks. Had to tip the bin over to get it out. It's heavy!

Our swamp cooler. Fill it full of water and it cools you down. You have to sit pretty close to it. It's only going to get to 103 today!

We get up early in the morning to get outside and get stuff done before it gets too hot out. I got up at 4:30 am to make a 6:00 am tee time. We played 18 holes and I was pretty whipped out after that.

We stopped in Hurricane, UT on our way back. This was our lot and the satellite did not work at all. 

But Starlink did! Starlink worked great everywhere we went!  

We went to Zion N.P. for a little Brewery stop. The laws in Utah are pretty weird. In most places you have to buy food before they will serve you a beer.  So we got chips and salsa to get past that stupid law. At least they got rid of the 3.2 beer law. But that was only because the big beer brewers stopped making 3.2 beer.   

This is a beautiful drive on I 15 in the Virgin River Gorge. Peggy shot this video.  

Driving, I cannot see the sky, the walls are so high. Fun drive.

On our way we stopped at this automatic truck wash to get the motor home and car washed. It worked pretty well. The motor home was pretty dirty from all the rain we had on this trip.

We had a road runner hunting in our yard. I didn't see him get anything.

BGE Picture of the Blog.

The Mint Bar in Sheridan, WY one of our favorite bars in the world.

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 



Thursday, July 20, 2023

Moved a bunch of times

We've moved a bunch of times. We left Peter D's in Sheridan, WY and went to Parkway Trailer and RV park  in Cody. Wyoming. The park was just OK but I don't think we would stay there again. The town was nice and it's close to Yellowstone N.P., so we made the drive into the park one day. The drive on the way was very scenic. The road followed the Shoshone river all the way.
The park entrance. We used Peggy's geezer pass to get in FREE!

Yellowstone lake and you can see the snow on the mountains on the other side of the lake. We've seen a lot of snow this year. We drove up high enough that we could touch it. But I hate SNOW!

A little waterfall right next to the road, but in this picture it just looks like wet rocks;-)

We stopped and had a little picnic at a roadside park on the Shoshone River on our way back from Yellowstone. Katie didn't get in the river.

Katie is so funny, she wouldn't go up the trail because of some weeds across it. She made me come back and move the weeds out of the way. 

Then we moved to Three Forks, Montana and stayed 2 days at Three Forks Market and RV Park, but it was expensive and it was not dog friendly. But right across the street, the Rodeo was in town. So that was some good entertainment. 

Katie likes the horses. It was a half mile walk all the way around the Rodeo grounds and lots of good smells for Katie.

Then we moved to Ennis, MT and stayed at Starry Nights RV park (a.k.a. Ennis RV Park). We had a really nice pull thru site. The town of Ennis is really nice. They have The Burnt Tree Brewery and across the street was Willie's Distillery. We had lunch at The Gravel Bar. A funny name for a bar but, they had good food. 
From Ennis we took a drive to Virginia City, an old time mining town that still has the original buildings. 
And yes, we stopped at The Bale of Hay Saloon to test the Missouri
River Cream Ale they had and it was good. Great, old bar.

The Blacksmith shop.

We started to look at the next park we were going to in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho and we figured out that we had a site with no sewer! Oh, my mistake! So we called and cancelled that site. We cannot go a week without a sewer! I made that reservation, I screwed up. So we called a park in Logan, Utah and got in. We have stayed at this park before. So that's where we are now.

Our site at Traveland RV park.
BGE Picture of the Blog.

The happy travelers in some establishment somewhere. 

              Live Happy and Always Go Big.