Thursday, June 23, 2022


 I ordered Starlink RV as soon as we got here in Bandera, Texas. It showed up about 10 days later. I got it up and running in about 10 minutes. So far we love it! Speeds as high as 165 Mbps, but most of the time it's 100 Mbps. To us, this is super fast. Our Verizon hot spot, if it is working at all, has a speed of 6 Mbps or not at all. I am going to call Verizon and tell them where to put that hot spot real soon. Verizon is way overpriced and they limit the data. Starlink does not limit the data at all.

At this park we have a good clear sky for the Starlink to see the satellites. Starlink is so easy to set up anybody can do it, even me. You do it all on your smart phone. You can put it on pause anytime, so when we get back to the foothills we'll pause it. We have good internet at the BGE RV Resort already.

Starlink speed test.

We took a trip to Luckenbach Texas. It's a fun thing to do. We took Katie and she loved it. We were hoping to see Willie Nelson there, but we missed him😉.

This park is full of deer, Peggy has even seen two Fox on her morning walk. She has some pictures of them, but they stay far away.

We even have Axis deer. They are not native to Texas. With a permit you can hunt them year round. 

Some more wild life, a Texas jumping spider! Oh that's a little creepy!

We even have a longhorn steer in the park.

We have bad news. We lost a good member of our dog pack, Buffy. Such a sad day, Buffy was one of the best Bostons we've ever known. She was a special dog. She loved everyone and got along with all other dogs. She would rather hang out with people, then break off to join Katie and Gracie for a bit. Always to come back to her crowd of people. When she would come over for a play date, she would first say hello and then make her rounds of the lot before indulging in puppy play. She always found a way to get a little snack from Katie's dish. Buffy was a calm, sweet smart girl. We were lucky to have known her and will miss her.

We made a couple of improvements to the RV. I installed a tire sensor repeater in the back of the RV. This should help get the signals from the car tires. We were having problems getting the signals all the time. And we also changed the Toilet seat! My butt is way happier! 

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Sometimes we see the funniest things in our travels.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Thursday, June 9, 2022

A couple of stops behind.

 I'm a couple of stops behind, so here we go. We stopped at Wild Willy's RV park in Roswell, NM. It was a small park, but we had a nice pull thru site. It's an old park that Willy is fixing up. He took 2 sites to make the big pull thrus. He built a nice new building with a new laundry in it. The price was only $140 a week. That, in today's market, is cheap. We should get Joe to pass a bill to keep camping affordable to all.  The town of Roswell was nice. Everything had an Alien Theme.

We had a good time in Roswell. We found a nice little Brewery, The Black Cock Brewery. The beer was pretty good and the food truck outside had some good food. At happy hour, you buy food and get the beer for $1.

Black Cock Brewery. Nice small place.

Even the street lights had an Alien Theme.

Then we moved to Midland Texas and stayed at Midland RV Park. It was mostly a parking lot. It had 3 dog parks that Katie loved. One even had grass, she hasn't seen a lot of that out here in the west. 

We went to Riley's bar for a steak fry and the biggest Bloody Mary's I've ever seen. I guess everything in Texas is BIG!

Now we're in Bandera, Texas. We found a really nice park, Skyline Ranch RV Park. The park is mostly empty. This park is a snow bird park, full in the winter. We love Bandera. We were here back in 2017, but stayed at a different park.

The park is full of deer! It has a nice walking path down to the river. We saw Longhorn cattle, Axis deer, white tail deer, a skunk and some donkeys on our morning walk. Good thing Katie was on her leash, or she would have met that skunk and I would be in big trouble again.
We went to The 11th Street Cowboy Bar for the Wednesday night Steak cook. You bring your own steak and cook it on the Giant grills. You buy the baked potato and salad for $6. They have a band playing and a huge dance floor. We'll be going back next Wednesday!

It's like a giant Weber grill. They have 3 of them going.

Big stage and a great band.

We're going to stay here for a month and save up for our next fill up! The price of diesel is out of sight, Thanks Joe. 

BEG Picture of the Blog.

I know I put lots of pictures of pizza on the blog, but we love pizza and the BGE makes it so good. This one is Chicken, Bacon, Ranch! Really good, try it sometime.

 Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Breaking Bad in Albuquerque

 We've moved to American RV Park in Albuquerque, NM. We were here a few years ago. We're in the older part of the park. It's not as nice as it used to be. You have to stand on your head to hook up the water, and it's not easy for us old people. Other than that it's not too bad. But next time we come to ABQ we're going to stay at a different park.

The water hook up!

Peggy found this East Jordan Ironworks manhole cover. It's amazing how many times we see them all over the country.

The weather has been a little cool, down to 48 at night, low 70's during the day. Good sleeping weather. 

We went to Old Town Albuquerque for the day and had a blast. It's a nice tourist trap with a lot of different kinds of shops. The Puzzle shop was really nice. Tons of wooden puzzles. We found a nice tasting room, Downshift Brewery. The beer was good and had a nice balcony to sit on and people watch at the park across the street.

One of the best places we discovered was the Breaking Bad Store! If you were a fan of the series, this is the place to come. They have a ton of really cool stuff and of course we made a purchase.

It also had a little museum in it. That was cool too. (Coming your way Patty)

Anyone for Chicken. Peggy is here to serve you. Working for Gus.

They had a lot of the props they used in the show.

The cousins from the show. Really bad guys.

We may have to go back before we leave. The store was really cool.

Finally "Beer Yoga". We've been looking for this for years. And you get 10% off drinks!

 BGE Picture of the Blog.

I had to get a Los Pollos Hermanos Tee shirt and mug.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.




Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Good Job

 So we stopped at National Indoor RV Center in Las Vegas and they replaced the whole leveler pump. Now it can auto level OK. Our appointment was for 9:00 am. They got us in at 11:00 am and had it done about 2:30. They also got us a new TV control, it was on the list when we bought the RV. I still think they did a good job.

Here we are right next to the service door.

The next stop was in Mesquite, NV at Sun Resorts RV park. The park is right next to a Smith's grocery, you can walk over to shop. We stayed a week. This is where Craig and Charlie live with their 3 Bostons, Baby, Bonnie and Vinny. So we went to their house every day. Katie had a blast! We brought the Mini-Max and cooked some steaks, some ribs and made a Pizza. We went out to eat at the local Japanese steak house. But the funny thing was, the cook was Mexican. He still did a really good job on our dinner.

Here we are at the Manning house sitting outside before it got hot later in the week. After it got to 100 we stayed indoors and played Spinner Dominoes. It's a fun game to play when it's too hot to sit outside. 

Craig and Charlie and the dogs. Peggy didn't get in the picture in time.

Next stop is in Page, AZ at Lake Powell RV Park. It's good for a couple of days. But on the way we saw a ton of stunning scenery.

Katie, sitting watching the scenery go by.
Peggy got some great pictures. I was kinda busy driving the new RV.
This is were the Grand Canyon starts. Driving over the Colorado river below Lake Powell Dam. Lake Powell is at record lows. It's 174 feet below full level.

You can see the old water line on this rock.

We've been having fun with this new app we got, ISS Detector. It tells when and what path the International Space Station and the Chinese Space Station will travel. We probably look like we're nuts standing outside pointing up in the sky. 

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Katie taking a break from playing.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.




Friday, May 6, 2022

2022 Journey Start

 We've started our 2022 Journey! The first stop is in Vista Del Sol RV Park in Bullhead City, AZ. This is a really nice RV park. It seems like we stop here every year as we head west. But this year we're going north to Vegas to get a part to fix our auto leveler system before we head east. 

Here is our site in Vista Del Sol. We get this site every year. #73. It's a huge back in site. The new Motor home was way easier to back in than the old 5th wheel. I love that and don't miss the 5th wheel at all! 

Huge site.

Just before we left Yuma I got the new tire valve extenders installed on the back tires. Now we can monitor the tire pressure and temperature. Tires on the RV and the car are the most important thing to keep an eye on. We hate blow outs. We've only had one in all our travels, but it wasn't a fun one.

We had some entertainment right next to us, a little construction work. I could not understand what was going on, they only spoke Spanish. Until they needed the bathroom code. Glad I could help. They worked pretty hard in the mid day hot sun and it was 96 out.

Patti and Joel turned us on to a new drink "Little Beers" and they were really good.

We got here and parked the Motor home and went to one of our favorite places to get a Philly Steak and Cheese, But the cook got mad and quit just before we got there. So we had to go back the next day to get our Philly fix. 

We only have a little over a 100 miles to get to National Indoor RV Center. We'll stay there for two nights. When we get there, we're going to get our next fix at Naked Pizza: Beef on Wick. If you've never had a Beef on Wick you don't know what you're missing. The first time I had a Beef on Wick was in Tonawanda, New York. This is the only other place we've found them.

We did a trip to Oatman, AZ. It's an old mining town not far from here. They have the wild Burros roaming the streets.

We stopped at the Oatman Hotel to have an adult beverage. Before we hit all the junk shops in town.

BGE Picture of the Blog

Katie napping in one of her favorite places.

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 



Monday, April 25, 2022

Best in Class

 I would like to talk about RV dealers. I hate RV dealers! But we have found a really good one! We got the motor home from National Indoor RV Center in Las Vegas. We purchased the motor home on December 15th. They had a hard time getting the title to us so when we registered it in South Dakota there was a $940.00 fine for registering after 45 days. Peggy notified the dealer and they said they would reimburse us the fine. Now, that is a good dealer. I
 got a check in the mail a week after we sent them the proof of the fine. I Love NIRVC. 

In all our travels we found a really good RV repair shop in Mesa, AZ. We had to get a slide replaced in the old RV. Arizona RV services did a great job on the new slide. So I would make the them the best repair shop.

The worst RV dealer is General RV. We had a real hard time with them. I would not recommend anybody buying an RV or doing any service with them!

We got our outdoor lighting fixed. The company put a dimmer switch on non dimmer lights. So that burned out most of them. Now we have a regular switch on them and they are working great. 

We took the motor home out for a test drive with the car in tow. It worked great. Here is Peggy driving for the first time. I bought some valve stem extenders to put on the back duallys. But I got the wrong ones, so I had to order ones for 22.5 tires. I hope they get here before we leave next Sunday.
Here I'm changing the vent on the black tank to a solar powered vent. We think this will help on keeping the black tank stink out of the RV. Keep your fingers crossed! I hate going on the roof.

Mike and Heather came over in their sand rail. But later they came back with a flat rear tire. Bummer. But a little help from their neighbor and a couple of beers we got them home.

Some friends we met in Tombstone a couple of years ago came over Sunday. Patti and Joel. We had a good time talking to them. They're here all week. 

We went downtown to the Prison Hill Brewery to have dinner. The food was OK. The beer was good.

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Pizza on the Mini Max.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.