Tuesday, September 12, 2023


 Wow it's HOT here in Yuma! We've been in really hot weather where the highest was 118! The RV, with both air conditioners running, got up to 82 inside. Good thing we have the RV port to keep us out of the smoking hot SUN. Our power bill was $337.00 for the month, that's the highest we've ever seen. 

We had a hurricane come thru, but it was only 69 mph winds, no rain. Then a week later we had Monsoon rain. We got 2 inches of rain with wind that day. 

This poor guy's carport blew right over the house and landed on the other side in the front yard. It kinda looks like art work. He's not here in town so it's been like that for a couple of weeks. I heard that the old RV park we used to be in lost about 6 carports and piled up a ton of sand in the park.

We sat outside during that huge rain storm.

Here is the wash on 14th street. It was only a foot or so deep, but moving fast and it was gone in about hour.

But the whole reason we are here was to get Peggy's eyes fixed. She got it done on August 21, a week earlier than it was scheduled. Check the video for the progress from day 1. She is happy with the good job the doctor did.

 I have golfed a couple of times, but it's so hot I haven't played as much as I would like. We start at 8:00 am to try to beat the heat. The best thing is, we got 1st place on Saturday and the next week we got 2nd place even after we got rained on really hard.

I think Katie is happy to be back. She just goes outside and lays in the hot Yuma sun sometimes, but not for long.

We got rid of Spectrum internet service. It had a lot of problems in the hot weather and would just stop working. So this year we're going to use Starlink. We love Starlink. It worked well in every place we traveled too. I changed the service status to standard so that will save $30 a month. I didn't think you could do that, but it works fine and only costs $120 a month. 

I whipped up a little Brisket on the good old Green Egg. It was really good. We ate off that for a couple of days. It was 3.5 pounds, just the right size for us.

 BGE Picture of the Blog.

Matt with his egg family at their cabin and they have a large back at home.

 Live Happy and Always Go Big.


  1. That brisket looks killer! Send me the recipe please.

  2. I would send it but I don't know how to send it to. You show up as Anonymous on the comment 😔


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