Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fun With the New Toy

We have been playing with our new toy.
We took it to Bouse and had lunch at the Ocotillo Lodge. It was a long ride with some on the road and some in the desert on the trails.
 We also went on a ride to a Canyon that Richard knew about. It was really cool. Some of the big boulders look like animals. So we called it Zoo Canyon. In this picture I am up on a giant boulder looking down.
  On Saturday we went to the World Famous Desert Bar with Niels, Deb and Maggie. It is about five miles out in the desert on a really bumpy road. I do not think we could take the big truck out there. The bar is run by solar power only, including a band and kitchen.
Here is the web page link
Having fun.
  You can see some of the solar panels on this roof.
It is a huge bar with four different levels. It was a really hot day with no wind. But we had a good time there.
This church is all made of steel.

This is the last guy that got caught drinking in the parking lot. They took his truck and stuck it up on a hill. So I did not see anybody drinking in the parking lot! On the way home we stopped in Parker and had lunch at a good Mexican restaurant.
This next week we are going to have a ton of fun, Jude is coming to stay with us for a week. We will be on the go the whole time. We have lots of things and places to show her a good time.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Heidi having fun in the pool.
Live  Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Only One Toy

When you live on the road like we do you can only have one toy. We were not riding the Big Dog enough, So I sold it to a guy in Sweden via Craig's List. I delivered it to a shipping company and they are going to store it until July; then the buyer is coming over to ride to Sturgis. 
So we bought an Oreion Motors Reeper. It's a street legal side by side, 4 wheel drive, UTV.
We got it at Arizona Motors, the home of the West Coast Reeper in Lake Havasu City.
We got it last Saturday. Niels, Peggy and I drove up and got it. I rented a U-Haul trailer to bring it back.
On Monday Peggy and I went to Parker and got license plates that are good for on road and off road in Arizona. So we are all legal to ride here.
Tuesday is a big ride day here in the park. I led the group with the help of Richard. He knows the trails. We rode to Dripping Springs. We stopped there for lunch. I asked if I was driving too fast and they all said YES! So we slowwwwweeeedddd it done a little after lunch.
  Here we are having lunch at Dripping Springs out in the desert. 
 One of the best things about it is, Peggy can drive it too.
It was sad to see the Big Dog go but it's time for a new toy.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
The old Big Dog.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Having Fun In AZ

We're just having fun here in AZ. The weather has changed for the good. It has been in the mid 80's and sunny all this week.
Ken put on a Pizza party for his wife, Donna's birthday.

We also had cake and ice cream.
We took a trip to Yuma to meet with Jeff and Diane. Then we went to Mexico and had lunch and did some shopping. That's always a fun time. Jeff and Diane left for home already. Back up to cold weather. We will see them next year in Yuma.
I got a new solar light for my flag pole. It works really good.
 We have been working on our next summer trip map. Picking out places we are going to go to. It is hard, time consuming work.
I will have some fun news for the next blog. Working on something big.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Peggy, Cliff and Biff on a trail in Traverse City, Mich.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.