Thursday, June 15, 2017

Walking in Memphis

We have moved to Tom Sawyer RV Park, right on the Mississippi River. The first thing we had to do was go to dinner at our favorite place here, The Memphis Barbecue CO. 
We got there early to avoid the crowd.
I rarely put pictures of food in the blog. but these are the best ribs you can get in the world. I got the whole slab and Peggy got the 1/2 slab with dry rub. They were great! Then the next day we had to go to Beale Street for lunch and some music. We took an Uber cab ride to get there. It was only $12. We ate at Silky's Irish Pub. I had the Sausage and Cheese Plate which is a common menu choice in Tennessee.    

Looks yummy doesn't it?
Then we took in some good Blues Music. When it was time to go home we couldn't get a Uber driver, so we had to take a cab that cost $44 to get back. We weren't very happy about that. We'll have to make better Uber choices next time.
I was sitting in the RV and I noticed a red HHR two sites over, then I remembered that a blogger we read has a red HHR and it was Mike and Sandy. His blog link is on our page Phannie and Mae
We all went to dinner the next night.
We've been reading Mike's blog for about 3 years, so it was fun to finely meet them. It's great to make new friends on the road. We felt like we already knew them just from reading his blog.
The weather has been real hot and humid here.
One of the best things about this park is the view of the river and all the action on it.
Lots of barge traffic going up and down the river.
This park just reopened a week before we got here. It was under water. That happens a lot.
This is how close you can get to the river.
We had to go to the biggest Bass Pro Shop.
Peggy took this real cool picture. The last time we were here it was a closed down sports arena. Bass Pro Shops invested $200 Million to rebuild it. I love Bass Pro Shops! 
This was a Bass Pro Shop extraordinaire. Besides the usual stocked fish ponds, grill with bowling alley, and a gun range upstairs, it had a Shooting Arcade and hotel in it. We had great Fish and Chips at Uncle Buck's Grill.
One of the huge fish in the pond. 
Oh we found this really cool picture of a BGE in Africa. How cool is that. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

On The Move

We're on the move again. But before we left Betty's we had to have some more fun.
It was Karaoke night!
Monica, Mary Ann and Betty, singing Let's Get Drunk and Screw. That's the only song I can sing.
The next day we moved to Frenchmen's RV Park in Butte La Rose, LA. It was only a 50 mile drive. That's one of the shortest drives we've made this year. The park is in the middle of the Henderson Swamp. So we had a lot of bugs.
This park had way too many rules. We couldn't unload the Reeper.
We had some rain and all of these birds showed up. They were fun to watch. Hope they were eating some of the bugs!
We found this nice, little house boat town in the swamp.
Having a cold one on the deck of the Turtle Bar.
You can get an Air Boat tour from here.
On Sunday afternoon we went to Whiskey River Landing to hear Geno Delafose genodelafosemusic and some more Zydeco music.
The place was packed. This bar only opens on Sunday from 3 to 8. 
I noticed these little shelves on the poles by the dance floor. 
Then when the music started we found out what they were for.

I'm not sure why they call it Whiskey River, because it's on the Henderson Swamp. We love the music in Louisiana, we'll be back. 
Our next move was to Brandon, MS, to Timberlake RV Park. A real nice park on Ross Barnett Reservoir. 

We're in the newest part of the park. We have a nice, big, back in site. So far, the only bad thing is that it's rained every day.

A little wild life, here's a Redheaded Woodpecker.
From here we go to one of our favorite parks in West Memphis, Tom Sawyer RV Park, right on the Mississippi River.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.   

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Zydeco Breakfest

On Saturday we went to Buck & Johnny's in Breaux Bridge with Jim and Donnalyn for the Zydeco Breakfast. It opened at 8 am so we stood in line to get in and get a good table. 
Buck & Johnny's is an old car dealership building turned into a great restaurant with a big dance floor.
Donnalyn and Jim, our driver for the day.
We had a good breakfast and endless Bloody Marys! 
A lot of really good Zydeco dancers. I love the music. You only hear it down here in Louisiana.
We ran into Bill and Mary Ann at Buck & Johnny's. Mary Ann took the Picture.

Dancers ready for the next song.

World Famous Zydeco Breakfast!
After we came back to Betty's we took a nap to get ready to go to our next party. Jim drove us to Butte La Rose to the Firemen's Park to hear another good band. We made some rookie mistakes. We forgot to bring our phones so we have NO pictures, we forgot to bring our lawn chairs and didn't bring enough Beer. We got lucky that right across the street there was a store that could fix our Beer problem!
We left Butte La Rose in time to stop at one of our favorite Cajun Jam Sessions at Touchet's in Maurice. It was a fun packed day. We got back in time for Happy Hour at Betty's. Thanks for being designated driver, Jim.
   Having fun at Touchet's.
Bill and Mary Ann.

The whole park went to dinner for Crawfish and Shrimp at T Bob's in Erath.
Peggy drove some of us. That's Betty in the front seat.
 Having fun with Crawfish!
It's not all partying here a Betty's, we did get the truck's oil changed and got a new radio installed in it.
The old one was a pain in the butt. This one is a lot better and it has a remote control.
Oh and Happy Birthday to me, I got a new weather station.
We installed it on the wall.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Swamp Tour

We took a swamp tour at Champagne's Cajun Swamp Tours. It cost $20 each and it was worth it. We saw lots of swamp wildlife.
Deep in the swamp!
Here is a link to the tour company
Here is one of the tour boats coming back in.
We only had 14 people in our boat. I think Peggy saw a big Alligator.
 Our guide, Dillon was real good. He told us all kinds of things we didn't know about the swamp. The real funny thing is that there are no mosquitoes in the swamp. There's some kind of tree that drops tannic acid in the water so the mosquitoes can't breed.
I think it was the one on the left or maybe the right not sure:-) And another weird thing is that I didn't get bit by any bugs. That never happens.
Do not feed the alligators!
The boat was real nice. We had swivel seats. But our guide wouldn't let me drive the boat.
Lots of different birds. This one is the "Penguin" of the swamp.
Forgot what this one is but he was big.
 Some white bird.
 Another white bird.
A Comoran drying his wings in the sun.
 Osprey nest that they took from a Bald Eagle.
 The male Osprey.
Pileated Woodpecker.
Some of the swamp is closed to boaters for the bird rookery.
Oh don't forget the Alligators! Here's a good size one resting on a log.
Here was one right next to the boat.
Here are two more close to the boat. No hunting in this swamp. Oh, they do hunt ducks here. We saw a lot of duck blinds.
This was a barrel duck blind in a tree.
Lots of turtles on the tour. 
I love the pretty flowers.
Here was a guy having motor problems in the swamp. That could be bad. He had his motor cover off. 
This was a good tour to take. On the way back we stopped at the world famous City Bar and had a Cajun Bloody Mary and a Po' Boy at the Villager in Maurice. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.