Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Back on lock down

The governor of Arizona just closed all the bars again. This covid-19 thing is just getting bad here in Arizona. People are getting stupid in big groups without masks. So we signed up for another mouth here in this nice, little park in the White mountains. The weather has been great for Arizona. We don't even have to run our air in the RV.
Doing our best trying not to get this bad covid thing.
We had some hot air balloons come over the park on Friday and Saturday morning. The first morning I thought it was someone out burning weeds with a torch. The next morning Peggy got up early and got me up to see them go by.
You could hear them light up their burners.
About fifteen of them went by.
So, not going anywhere, all I have is more puppy picture to show you, so here we go. Bonnie and Baby taking a break from playing.
Bonnie, Baby and Booger. What a cool picture. Craig and Charlie are going to come and meet us here for a week. Now that is going to be a ton of fun for Katie to meet the new, little puppy!
How cute!
 Katie, working on her tan line.
So here we are trying to be safe and staying in this nice little park.

BGE Picture of the Blog
I made Philly steak and cheese sandwiches and they were the best I've ever made. Egg on!

Live Happy and Alway Go Big.

Monday, June 22, 2020

New member of the pack.

We have a new member of the Boston pack.
Little baby Bonnie with Booger. Our good friends Craig and Charlie got a new puppy Saturday. What a great picture!
She is just 9 weeks old.
Here she is taking a nap. I'm sure she's having fun playing with mates, Booger and Baby all day.
Booger, Bonnie and Charlie.

We really like this park we're in, Ponderosa RV Park. The weather is just beautiful with temps in the low 80's with low 50's at night. 
  We have a great site with a little shade tree to relax under.
We've met some more good people. Petra, Allen and Buddy. They are neighbors and work campers here in the park. They work two, 8 hour days a week. We have our golf cart out so we take rides every evening to tour the park.
 I baked some apples with Snickers stuffed in the center then added a Marshmallow at the end of the cook. They were good. I'll do that again. But I need to get more Snickers in the middle somehow! Maybe bigger apples.
We haven't been out too much, but we had to stop at the Pinetop Brewery to try it out. The beer was good and we had some strange appetizer. It was cauliflower, deep fried in some kind of tempura. It was a big surprize to me how good it was. I would order it again.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Heidi cooking a meat stack. Looks pretty good. You can cook anything on a Big Green Egg! Good job on trying new things! 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

We had fun in Tombstone. new update.

We had a ton of fun in Tombstone. We had some great neighbors, Joel and Pattie. Hope to see them on the road again sometime.
They just started full timing this year. They had a real nice 5th wheel. 
Happy hour with Joel, Pattie, Jimmy and V. V is because we can't remember her real name, but it starts with a V.
 Pattie and Peggy in Johnny Ringo's Bar. Johnny's had great food, but had no Bud Light on draft. I think the brewery hasn't been making it.
Peggy with one of the locals in Johnny's.
We made a trip down to Bisbee and went to the Old Bisbee Brewery to have a cold one.
We also went to Copper Queen Saloon. They just opened up the day before. The hotel part has never been closed since 1902. They had to install locks on the front doors to close for Covid-19 shut down. Most everyone wore masks.
A wall of art in Bisbee on a walkway. It's kinda cool.
A homemade RV on the street in Bisbee.
It was starting to get hot in Tombstone, after 2 weeks, it was time to move on. We've adjusted our travel plans a bit because of the Covid thing. Texas is one of the hot spots so we're going to go north to Pinetop, AZ. It's up in the White mountains at 6300 feet. So the weather is a bit cooler. Not a single covid case reported here.
The driving was a little tense on the way. This is the Garmin going down into the Salt River Canyon. It looked a little like the Grand Canyon. But you can drive to the bottom.
20 mph switch backs and going down hill at a 6% grade. But the truck did a great job getting us up and down the tense driving.
This is the bridge over the Salt River at the bottom of the canyon. It was a beautiful view for Peggy but I had to keep my eyes on the road.

We're at Ponderosa RV Park in Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ. We have a great pull-thru site. With lots of room for all our stuff. The town looks nice. We're going to check it out today. The weather here is in the high 70's. So that's pretty nice!

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Terry with his new XL egg. That thing is huge.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

2020 Journey has started

Our 2020 Journey has started. We stopped in Casa Grande for one night. We were going to stay a week but it was too hot there. It was 108 in the shade. We had one of those 5 minute rains. Just enough to get the truck dirty.
  So we went to one of our favorite places. Tombstone, AZ.  We are going to stay for a couple weeks or longer if needed. Not all parks are open. Tombstone RV Park is about half full. Most of the time it's full. This is a really nice park. We have a great site with lots of room.
We are changing our plans to stay away from Covid-19 hot spots. I wanted to go to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana and go to Zydeco breakfast at Buck and Johnny's but it is one of the hot spots. We will have to go in safer times. 
Peggy did some driving on the way.
   We went into Tombstone to get lunch and celebrate Peggy's birthday at one of our favorite places Big Nose Kate's. They have the best Reubens sandwiches and big cold Beers. It was on Monday so not too many people in town. Most of the town is open after 10 weeks being closed.
  Look at that great sandwich!
They have good live music at Kate's.
The Dogs are taking over the town. This was in Doc Holiday's.
The town has a lot of great history.
Interesting motorcycle in town.
It was getting really hot in Yuma. We stayed too long. Next year we are going to leave in April and head north to stay cool.
Katie was ready to go on our 2020 journey.
Katie loves her chair. What a funny dog.
Today we are going to just hang out here in the park and enjoy life.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Patty enjoying a cold one next to their Mini Max.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Still on lock down

We are still in Yuma on lock down. The weather was really hot for a week, in the low 100's. Now just in the low 90's. We are still going to stay here until the end of May. Then we start our 2020 adventure.

We managed to go out to dinner at one of our favorite taco joints. We sat outside and had some great tacos. We were the only ones there. Some restaurants have started to open. But I called A&R Grill and he said he's shooting to open May 25th. We'll still be here so we'll try to go and support our favorite Place.  


Katie, just chilling out in the air conditioning.


 We got our golf cart back and Katie loves to ride in it.

I put up our security camera to keep an eye on our site when we leave. Not a lot to blog about when you don't leave your site for a week at a time.
 The Blog site made some changes to the format so it might look a little different and I need to figure it out a bit. So far, I like it.
 We saw our new neighbors, Bob and Lois, up on their deck. Looks kind of funny, like they're standing on the roof of their house. They are actually on their shed's upper level deck. 
We've started Phase III on our lot. But can't talk about it until it's done. But it's going to be really cool!

BGE Picture of the Blog.
BGE Picture of the Blog

 Lasagne and Garlic Toast on the BGE.

Everyone stay home and stay safe. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Friday, April 24, 2020

Warming up a little bit

It's warming up here in Yuma. Yesterday it was 102. But it only feels like 98.
We're going to stay here until the end of May. Last year it was in the 80's while we here in May. 
When we traveled to Reno it was cold and rainy in May.
We had to replace our big awning. It was ripping at the end. It's six years old and was due. Steve from Shade Pro did a good job on it.
I got my Covid-19 mask out to use when we go to the store. We have 42 cases here in Yuma County and 1 death. I talked to a friend of mine from work. They are working on test stands for Ford to make respirators. So some people in Michigan are working.
 Last time I went to the store they had the shelves stocked pretty good. But still no toilet paper.
Bill, Sharon and Buffy came over for a social distance happy hour. Here are the dogs all whipped out from playing. Bill brought back our golf cart. They rented it for the winter season. They have their reservations for next year already.

Katie loves her JJ Simon's collar that she got from Aunt Charlie.
We had a huge full moon the other night.
Not a lot to blog about here. Just hanging out here in the BGE RV Resort.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Matt cooking out in the rain and cold back in Michigan.

Throw Back Picture of the Blog.
Peggy and I back in the day.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.