Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Too Much Fun

We've been having so much fun I haven't had time to blog much.
The weather has been so good! It's been in the mid 70's and sunny.
We had our Christmas parade here in the park. Lots of decorated rides and crazy Christmas costumes.
Sandy, Brad, Gary and Janet. Just having too much fun.
Here they are in their Razor all dressed up.
Jeff and I in the Reeper.
We made a trip to Mexico to get all my medications for the year.
I'm all set for $140 for the year.
  Sometimes Peggy is watching two dogs. Here are Max and Ollie enjoying the Arizona sun.
 Out to Karaoke with Glen and Sandra.  Glen does all the singing. I can't carry a tune in a basket.
Getting ready to go hit that little white ball around. I've been playing in two leagues. 
I won 11 free rounds at the course we play at! It was a Christmas drawing.
We got our new steps. Here I am installing them. These are the best steps. They are rock solid when going up and down.
They just fold up inside the door for traveling. As soon as we get these paid for I'm going to order a set for our back door.😉 It only takes 10 minutes to install. It took me longer than that to take the old steps off and take them to the junk.
We saw this Really weird thing in the sky on our way back from dinner. It was a Space X rocket launched from an Air Force base in California.
Here is a really cool, must watch YouTube link to the Launch: YouTube Space X Launch 
Kind of a funny name for a restaurant. We had a tasty breakfast here one morning.
We're having so much fun in this good weather! I think it's nicer than it was last year. Glad we can do this life style.

 Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Get 'R Done

We've been working on fixing some things on the RV. It's good to be in one spot for a while to do these things. 
We went to the flea market and got a sign made. They did a real good job.
We got a new faucet installed in our kitchen sink. The old one was just not good quality. Sometimes they put cheap stuff in RV's. It's nice to make it better to live in.
We got a new dash mat made at the local sewing center.
Our front step broke, so I have a new one on order. We hate these steps anyway. They were always very hard to unfold. The new steps will fold up inside the door. That's a way better design.
I cooked a killer turkey on the BGE. You can get the recipe at this link BGE-Turkey-Cheat-Sheet.
Got the big truck washed.
 Peggy has been busy dog sitting. This is Ollie. 
 This is Max. We have him for the weekend.
This is Bryan. He likes sitting on the safe and looking out the door.
We went to Karaoke one night with Glenn and Sandra. Glenn is a good singer.
 We had a little visitor one day. He was just traveling thru.
A Desert flower.
I've been golfing in two leagues. Trying to make my game better. But I'm not sure it helps.
The weather has been good and warm. Today it's a little windy but nice and sunny. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Best Of List

It's time to publish our "Best Of List".

Best RV Park
1. Rivers Edge Mountain View in Murphy, NC
2.  A+ Motel and RV Park in Sulphur, LA
3. Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA
This was our site at Rivers Edge Mountain View.

Best Restaurant 
1. Memphis BBQ in Horn Lake, MS 
2. Fly-in Cafe in Huntington, WV
3. Hunter Steakhouse in Yuma, AZ
This is the Best BBQ we've ever had.

Best Bar
1. Beer Belly's in Quartzsite, AZ
2. Tractor Bar in Mount Nebo, WV
3. 11th Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera, TX  
Honorable Mention: Cave City Bar in Cave City, KY
11th Street Cowboy bar Wednesday night cook out, just bring a steak to cook on the grill, they provide the sides.

Best Festival
1. Eggtoberfest in Atlanta, GA
2. Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge, LA
3. Kinetic Energy Festival in Arcata, CA

One of the Contestants in the Kinetic Race.

Best Pizza Place
1. Backyard Pizza in Huntington, WV
2. The Tidal Wave Bar in Depoe Bay, OR
3. Da Boyz in Yuma, AZ 
Honorable Mention: Dan's Big Green Egg, always on the move.
Backyard Pizza in Huntington, WV. We went there twice, it was that good.

Best Tour
1. Queen Mine Tour in Bisbee, AZ
2. Mammoth Cave in Cave City, KY
3. Champagne's Cajun Swamp Tour in Lafayette, LA
 On the train going into the mine.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Winter Home

We made it to our winter home. It was 7 days, 2085 miles from Atlanta to Yuma. We hate big mile days like that. Some days we did 375 miles. Peggy did about half of the driving, which always seemed to be under construction:-( But we made it.
Here we are all set up. I rented a golf cart for the season. It's just fun to ride around the park. We changed lots from last year. We are on the end of a row way in the back of the park. They say the park is going close to full this year.
The biggest reason to get back so fast was to hook up with Neils and Deb before they leave for Mexico for the winter. Here we are (Angie, Deb, me, Peg and Neils) at one of our favorite places, Burgers and Beer. They have great food and cold Beer.
 Neils and Deb, right after they pulled in. Look, they still have long pants on.
Good Food!
Peggy and I have already made a trip to Mexico to have lunch and some fun.
You see some strange stuff on the road.
The Garmin warned us about a fire ahead and detoured us around it. It was a hi end car hauler on FIRE!

We've been real busy. Our printer crapped out on us. So we had to get a new one. It only took me about a half hour to get it working with all our iPad's and phones. Then I had to upgrade our Hot Spot to make it even better yet. The new hot spot is so much faster!
 Arizona sunset.
I just had to put this picture in again. We had so much fun seeing our family at the Eggtoberfest in Atlanta.
The Reeper loaded up ready to go get some service done on it in Lake Havasu.
 Is this true?

Funny Things We See in RV Parks
This guy had his chair turned sideways with his satellite dish on top and some horse shoes to hold it down. Not sure if it worked as he came out and moved it a couple of times.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Eggtoberfest 2017

We had a blast at the 20th Eggtoberfest at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta.
Here is the gang. Heidi, Patty, Joe, Matt, Me, Peggy, Kathy, Terry and Danny. Patty and Joe came down in their RV. Terry and Kathy drove down and stayed in Patty's RV. Heidi, Matt and Danny flew down. Their flight was about 6 hours late. They didn't get to the park until 11:30 Friday night. We've been looking forward to this for a long time. This is one of the best festivals you can go to.
We set up our spot close to the band stage. One of the best things about this festival is they let you bring in all your stuff to party with.
Matt, Danny and Heidi in the crowd.
Heidi and Joe next to Eggzilla. The super size Egg.
This is why we come . . . to see all different things on the BGE.
You do see a lot of smoke.
And some famous cooks! Dr. BBQ and me. I'm not sure who is more famous.
Here's a bad crowd.

She was part of the marching band.
I love marching bands.
Heidi and Patty taking a break. What you do is, walk around the festival and eat different cook's creations.
This is what it looked like the day before. A big parking lot full of Big Green Eggs.
After the festival is over we picked up 2 Large Demo
Eggs. Heidi got one for her "boss" and I got a new one for me. I gave my old one to Danny. These eggs have only been cooked on that day. They're a good deal at $795.00 each, that's cheap. Terry is taking Danny's egg back home. Thanks Terry! They had a great store at the festival. You can buy anything BGE there.
Here is one unlucky Egg. 
Maybe you have to break some eggs to make a great festival.

After all the fun, we had to start heading west. We are on a seven day run to Yuma. So far we've driven over 350 miles a day to get to Amarillo, TX in three days. We're going to take a two night stop here and go to the Big Texan Steak Ranch, home of the 72 ounce free steak. That is, if you can eat it in one hour.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.