Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Vegas Baby

We moved 94 miles to Arizona Charlie's RV park in Las Vegas, NV. It was a nice short drive. We like that a lot. The weather farther north hasn't been too good, lots of snow and cold. We're not into that. So we're going to stay here for 2 weeks. It's a nice park. The sites are a little close but they're nice and long,
Dilly Dilly from Vegas!
We've been down to Fremont St. You see some of the strangest things and people here.
Peggy got a good picture of the Zip Line on Fremont St. That just looks like fun. The Zip Line goes from one end to the other end of Fremont St.

We parked in a nice big lot and paid $8 for 3 hours. When we got back to the truck the parking authority was parked right behind the truck. I asked him if I was getting a ticket, he said no. But it was a little scary to see him parked right there behind the truck. So Peggy got this great picture. He had a good sense of humor. It made me think about that TV show "Parking Wars".
The first day we went to one of our favorite places here in Vegas, Naked City Pizza to get "Beef on Weck". But the coolers went down that night and they had no beef. So we had to have the really great pizza instead.  We are going to go back and get the "Beef on Weck" sandwich before we leave Vegas. Naked City Pizza is a dumpy bar that was on "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives".
We have hooked up with Deb
 and Neils here in Vegas. They go to Mexico for the winter. They are on their way back to Canada. But not in a big hurry because of the weather up north. 

At the last park we were at in Laughlin, they put up these signs. Should we really stay at a park that has signs like this?  I talked to a guy that had his generator stolen in the first hour he was there, He wasn't too happy. We didn't see any security in the park. We locked all compartments and bays. I don't think we'll stay there again.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

2018 Trip Started

Our 2018 trip has started! We've moved to Riverside RV Park in Laughlin, Nevada. The park is a little old but we have a long pull thru site, up on the top of the hill. We got the golf cart out and we can take it across the street to the casino.
 This weekend they are having the UTV World Championships here at the casino.
These are NOT your average UTVs 
This one had the biggest stereo I've ever seen.
I was a hot, 98 degree day.
Golf cart on the run.
 We've hooked up with Glenn and Sandra here for the week. They are a ton of fun and they love going out to eat at some of our favorite places here in Bullhead City. 
Bill and Sharon and Buffy are at Del Sol RV park, not far away. They went to dinner and lunch with us this week too.
 Oh, I got a new hair cut. How does it look?
One of our last happy hours in Yuma at Brad and Sandi's house.
I got a new tire pressure gauge. This worked great! 
I got the same pressure in all the tires.
Here we are all loaded up ready to go. 
Got to get our dog pictures in. Here's Buffy.
And Vinnie.
We leave here and go to Vegas for a week. We're going to meet Niels and Deb there for a couple of days. That should be a good time. When we get there, the first place I want to go is "Naked Pizza" and get a Beef on Weck sandwich. The only other place to get that sandwich is in Buffalo New York. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Under Control!

For the first time in my life I have One control for the TV and all the other stuff! I changed our Dish Control Box to the new Wally. The control that comes with it can control the TV and sound system all by it's little self. This is the best control we've ever had.
 It's nice and small and the remote is RF (Radio Frequency). So I could mount Peggy's behind her TV on the wall.
That's one of the best things we've changed this year. This is our rolling home, so you need to treat it like a house. Always updating something. 
 Here are some other improvements that we did.
I added lights to our new steps. 
We changed the back steps too. I ordered them and they came damaged. I called them and sent some picture of the damage and they sent us a new set for FREE. They told me to trash the first set.
I took the truck in and got the oil changed and had them replace the head lights. Also got a dash mat custom made.
Peggy and I changed all the running lights too. That wasn't hard to do.
The new Big Green Egg is working great. Here I am cooking breakfast in the desert with Bloody Mary's.
  Tabasco, making day drinking socially acceptable since 1868.
We took a trip to Mexico to get our teeth fixed. I had 4 fillings replaced. It only cost $330.00 to get that done. We had to stop and get a Shrimp cocktail for lunch.
Peggy was dog sitting Taz. She had him for a week. He liked riding in the Big Truck.
We're only going to be here for a couple more weeks. The park is starting to clear out. A lot of people heading home for the summer. A little too soon for some of the Canadians to go, they are still getting SNOW up there.
Another beautiful Arizona sunset.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.  

Friday, February 23, 2018

Still in Yuma

We're still in Yuma and having a ton of fun even though the weather this past week has cooled down a bit. It's been in the 60's for our highs and down in the 30's at night. I guest we're paying for all the 80's we had in January. But the sun is still out most days.
We had our Tuesday Golf  League rap up party. Here's a good picture of most of the players.
We had a big table of prizes that we funded with 50/50 drawings on golf day. I was put in charge of the prizes and the pizza party. We had 10 pizzas from Da Boys Pizza shop and a couple cases of Beer. I had a $501.00 budget. The golf club gave me great discounts on all the prizes.
We had a little chipping contest. Canada vs USA. Losers had to buy the Beer at the course the next day. The score was Canada 3, USA 4. The Beer at the course was on the Canadians on Tuesday! And it was soooo good! That started Canada vs USA Ryder cup style contest for the next day.
Here was my team. Janet, Me and Lois. My team shot a 3 over 39 to tie the Canadian team. But USA won the tournament. 3 wins, 2 ties and 1 loss.
The winning USA team.
Peggy had Vinnie for a couple of days. He was a ton of fun.
Then she had Koby for a one night stay. But he spent most of the time on my lap.
We had a super bowl party and Jeff won $150 big ones on the boards. Dilly, Dilly.
We sold the Reeper and got a new golf cart. The Reeper was too hard to service, so it had to go. The golf cart is like new and we use it to get around the park.

I added solar lights to our new steps and got a set for the back door.
On a recommendation from Mike Mills I got this RV cable grip for our cable TV connector. Here is the link:http://rvcablegrip.com/Grip_Kit.html
They work great. Little things like this make it easier to set up the RV when we move a lot. We're still here for 6 weeks or so before we start our 2018 trip.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Blow Out Damage

We finely got our Big Blow Out damage fixed. We blew a tire in Idaho Falls, not last summer, but the summer before. We tried to get it fixed last winter, but CJ's RV shop didn't come thru. So this year we went to Top of The Line body shop and they did it right here on our lot in the park.

This is the Big Blow Out Damage. It wasn't real bad, but it just looked ugly.

Under construction.

Almost done.

After, and it looks really Good.

We had lunch at Julieanna's Patio Cafe. The food was good and the wildlife was fun to watch. They had 3 pair of Parrots on the patio.

 On the Patio.

Gerald, Brad, Jeff, and I went to Palm Springs to the PGA golf tournament. Here we are in the stands at the 18th hole. Living like Rock Stars!

Our view on the 18th. It was a beautiful day. We had a ton of fun.

 Phil Mickelson on the practice green. We also saw John Elway, he is a 1 handicapper. 

We had another street party here in the park. Kelly Hughes played. He's the one that started "Howling at the Moon".

We had a huge crowd. Most of the park showed up.

Duff and his little drink cart. He mixes up a dangerous Tequila, Beer based concoction.

This park is just too much FUN!

Good Crowd.

Here is the cutest Boston in the park. Buffy.

Peggy was dog sitting Abby and they went for a ride in the big truck. Looks like she liked it.
The weather has been so good this year. Next week it is going to be in the 80's already. We're going to love that.

Live Happy and Always Go Big!