Sunday, September 19, 2021

Big Run

 I am a little behind on the blog. We've moved from Grants Pass, OR to Durango RV park in Red Bluff, Ca for a one night stop. It's a KOA park that is too expensive to stay long at $75 a night. We try to avoid KOA parks. But, the funny thing is, we went to another KOA park in Verdi, NV. It's just outside of Reno. We had a really bad site that was hard to get into and wasn't level at all. The only cool thing was a good bar close by. Sasquatch Tavern the food was really good. Lois came over and went to lunch with us.

Peggy had some seafood thing and I had Chicken Marsala and Lois had the Bigfoot Burger. All the food was good. We might have to stop here again just to eat at this place again. 

Sasquatch photo bombed me in the bar.

Back at the park, Peggy spotted a bear just outside the park down in a canyon. He was huge.

This is the bear canyon right next to the park. That is the Truckee River flowing by.

After Verdi we went to Hawthorne, NV and stayed two nights at Whiskey Flats RV Park. We stop here often. It's the nicest park on the way down 95. 

It was really smokie from all the wildfires here in the west.

We lost a seal on the back axle of the truck again. This time on the driver's side. Luckily, there is one shop here in Hawthorne that will work on big rigs. I had the rotors replaced a couple of years ago and I think the guy that did it, didn't torque the nuts right.

So now we are in Wine Ridge RV Resort in Pahrump, NV. It's a high end park with two pools.

They grow grapes here in Nevada. That is just crazy.

BGE Picture of the Blog.

Making "The Ballers" on the BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 




Monday, September 6, 2021

Back Online!

 We just spent the last 2 week OFFLINE! The first week we were in Gold Beach, OR at Oceanside RV park. It had very little cell phone and internet service. We will never stay there again. The only thing we found in Gold Beach was a good bar and a nice Brewing Company. The bar was Hunters Creek Bar and Grill. The food and beer were very good. Right next door was the Arch Rock Brewing Company.

It was windy and cold here and the park was not all that nice. Dirt roads.

Katie and I went down to the Rogue river to watch the salmon fishermen on the river. 

Arch Rock Brewing Company ice cold lager!

We had to get some to go!

The next week we were in Crescent City, CA at Redwood Meadows Rv Park. It was an OK park but they had almost no cell phone service and NO internet service. Not much in Crescent City to see or do. The one restaurant we went to was to go only. We had to eat in the truck.

It was in the harbor in town.

Saw some sea lions in the harbor.

We met a nice, little pug, Bean. Just 10 weeks old.

We are now in Grants Pass, OR at The Rogue River Overnighters RV Park. We have a nice 70 foot pull thru site. The best thing of all . . . we have cell and internet service! The drive here was a little tricky on 199. About 80 miles of winding and crazy road.

Our site in Grants Pass. We have been to Grants Pass before and we like it here. Nice Little town that has everything.

Guardrail, then 800 feet down! This might have been the scariest road we've been on. I just rode the yellow line and hoped no one was coming the other way and was doing the same thing. 

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Our friend Denny Huber! With a mini max egg.

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 


Saturday, August 21, 2021

Great Weather on the coast

 We are in Brookings,OR in a really nice park on the Chetco river, AtRiversEdge RV Resort. We have a nice, long, pull thru site. The weather has been great. We even had to turn on the air in the RV.

The entrance to the park is not very wide. I don't think two RVs could pass and it's a 6% down hill.

The park entrance has two little pull offs if you meet anyone coming out of the park. But they aren't very big.

Peggy spotted some deer across from our site one night.

On the drive here we saw some really beautiful coast line.

Peggy gets to see it all but I need to keep my eyes on the winding, hilly road.
Our friends Craig and Charlie are at a different park not far away.

So Katie gets to play with her best friends, Baby and Bonnie. They just run around and have a ton of fun. It takes Katie a day of rest to recover from all the running around. 

We had dinner at a good place, Catalyst it's the name of the boat that brings in all the fish they sell. They've been fishing since 1955. I had albacore tuna fish and chips. The only other place I have had that was at The Bowpicker in Astoria, OR. 

We found a great, local brewery. Chetco Brewing Company. They had a nice tasting room with a food truck inside the building. The beer was pretty good.

Katie and I on the beach in Coos Bay. She had a lot of fun running on the beach. Our next destination is Gold Beach, OR where we are right on the beach, so we're going to have some fun there. 

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Matt cooking on the BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Long Drive

 We did a big drive across town to Bay Point Landing 10 miles. This is a brandy new park just opened last year. We have a big back in site with tons of room. I needed propane so I drove over to the propane station and a park guy met me there, filled my tank took the bill into the office and put it on our card on file. That was a great thing.

We are right on Coos Bay. It's been a little windy, 28 mph on one day, but no wind yesterday. Our site has a nice fire pit and they deliver wood to your site, just text the office and it shows up.

Katie loves the beach. She ran out into the water then she runs up to the sugar sand and rolls in it. Peggy does not go to beach with us. She would have a fit to see Katie run in the water over her head.

Just having some fun on the beach.

Before Craig and Charlie left we cooked some steaks on the BGE. Then had some Shot-Ski fun. The food was good and the shots were funny.

We had some ships go right by us at the Mill Park. Just off the sea wall from the park. This one was full of wood chips going to China to make press board.

Then the bad thing happened! The microwave oven died. I took it apart but it was not good. So we had to get a new one. Then the real fun starts INSTALLING it. 

Of course it did not go well. It only took one trip to the hardware store. Peggy helped me a lot. It took about 3 hours, but we got it.

It's just one of those things you have to fix on  these RV's. The park was great, they hauled the old one away and the big box the new one came it. I think we have to change our rating on this park to a 10.

We went to the farmers market and got a new cutting board. "I like my butt rubbed & my pork pulled"!

Congratulations to Ima B. Fan for being our 100,000 th viewer. She wins a Free BGE pint beer koozie and key chain!  

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BGE Pizza again!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Still on the Oregon coast

We've moved 80 miles down the coast to Coos Bay, OR. We like this small town. We're at The Mill RV Resort. It's right on the water. 

We have a nice big site. One row from the water.

Our view.

The coast guard was making a beer delivery to one of their boats right in front of us.;-)

Our friends Craig and Charlie are staying at a park not far from here. We all went to dinner at Miller's at the Cove. The food was good. I had the Halibut fish and chips, Peggy got the fish tacos.

Craig and Charlie have two Bostons. Bonnie and Baby. It's just a black and white blur running around.

 One brown Boston here in the park, Archie, joined in the fun.

Craig, Gaylin and I played a round of golf at Coos Golf Club. I played like Sh#t. I only had one good hole. The tee was up 36 feet above the green. It's a pretty nice view down to the green. I missed my birdie putt.

Peggy and Charlie stopped at one of our favorite stops in Coos Bay, The Silver Dollar. Jesse is the owner. She is 76 years young and still works everyday. 

We had Craig and Charlie over for Reuben egg rolls on the BGE. This is the best thing I've done on the BGE in a long time. It's good to try different things on the egg. The egg can do anything!

Bill was cutting the grass and hit a rock into his windshield. What a bummer.
Poor Gracie got stung by a bee in the face. Bummer.

BGE Picture of the Blog.

It had to be the egg rolls, of course.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.