Wednesday, February 6, 2019

More New Stuff

Ok we got some more stuff done. We got our new cabinet installed. It took some time to get it built.
It looks great and works good. I designed it and our guy did a good job on it. It added more storage and got the refrigerator off the ground and a nice place for our water bottle.

And we got a new puppy. Katie a 9 week Boston Terrier. We went to San Diego on Saturday morning to get her.
She's pretty little, maybe 4 pounds. She sleeps a lot of the time. She will play for an hour and sleep for 2 hours. She has sharp little teeth. It's been 3 years without a dog. So it's kind a nice to have one again, but we've forgotten how much work a puppy is.
She likes her crate. She whined a little bit the first night but now she sleeps all night.
We got new rear tires on the big truck.
You would think they have a machine to get the tires on and off the rims, but they don't. Just a guy and some tire irons.
And we had our wheel bearings repacked. It's some maintenance that should be done every 3 years. I had a bearing go out on our last RV and it wasn't fun. So, I like to make sure we don't have that problem again.
 We had our first "Rattlesnake Horse Shoe tournament". It was a beautiful day to throw some shoes.
Charlie was a little wild with the shoes but it was fun. Some people had to run when Charlie was up. We love this park!
Dan's party chair delivery service! After the Horseshoe party.
I made up some tickets for our golf league pizza party and they're selling fast. 
 Out tp lunch with Bill and Marsha. 

BGE Picture of the Blog.
 Pizza and Beer on the Big Green Egg! I could almost live on that.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Getting Back To Normal

We're getting back to normal. We finely got the new bed frame from our wood guy! It only took 3 months! 
The new hinges do a great job of holding the bed up.
  He did a nice job. The only bad thing is, he's still making a cabinet for the garage. One can only guess how long that will take. 
Brad, Doug, Roger and I got it in the bedroom. 
It just fit through the door way.
Finished product!
And we got our table back.
I made a batch of Jerky for a house warming party.
 Looks good.
My Mom sent me a puzzle for Christmas. Now that we have the table set up, I started to work on it. It took me 5 days to get it done. It had over 1000 really small pieces.
Done! It was a ton of fun putting it together. Thanks Mom!
We went to the Big Tent Show in Quartzsite with Bill and Marsha. Marsha liked the little Sugar gliders.
But it did bite her, though not very hard.
We stopped at one of our favorite places in Quartzsite, Beer Belly's. Then we had lunch at Grubstake. 
Got this cool picture.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
 Joey cooking some Shrimp on Bill's Mini-Max.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Water Works

Some friends from Saginaw made their way down here. Bill and Marsha. I worked with Bill at B&K. They couldn't get in our park so they're at a different park not far away.
We took them out to breakfast and Bloody Mary's the first day. Break them in right.
Bill drove over 600 miles a day to get here! Saginaw to Yuma, about 2300 miles. That would kill us. I like 150 or less a day. ;-)
Then the next day we went to West Winds RV Park for fish dinner. We sat outside by the heaters. The food was good but we miss Lake Perch. I've never found Lake Perch anywhere in our travels.
The weather has been the coldest we've had in 4 years. One night it got to a record low for us of 31. The highs have only been in the 50's. But it won't be long and it will start warming up.
Peggy and Lois had Irish Coffee on Christmas day.
We got a new water filtering system. $65. Filters in a black box! 
You can't drink the water here. To make water safe here you have to have a Reverse Osmosis system. We've always used the Camco Blue water filter and you have to replace them every three months at a cost of $30 for the two pack. And you still can't drink it! 
If you're at a place that has half way descent water this new system can last a year before changing the filters and they only cost $11 for the two pack. I tested the water before the filters it was 800 PPM and after filters was 500 PPM.
We use this water tester. It can tell you the "Parts per million of dissolved solids". If it's over 500 you shouldn't drink the water. I like to keep it down to 300 before we drink the water. 
So, in the south west, we buy bottled water to drink at a cost of 50 cents for 5 gallons and it's tested at zero PPM. That's a little thing you have to watch in your travels. In Saginaw, the water was considered some of the best in the country.
Got a nice Christmas picture of my Mom, Connie Terry and Patty. 

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Some dead Chicken and some Brussels Sprouts.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Funny pictures

The park is going to be full this year. We have 420 sites and we already have 300 here. This is the first time the park is going to be full.
Here are some funny pictures.
We had a birthday party for Carol. Happy 70th.
Our Christmas Picture.
Our Christmas tree.
We had a Christmas parade. This is charlie's 1925 Model T truck with some nice lights on it.
Peggy got this sunrise picture on her early morning walk. Way too early for me.
We got a nice picture from Craig and Charlie with Jay Jay, Baby and Booger.
  Jay Jay says: hold the aces.
 Canadian Gary at bingo.
Peggy watched Yogi, the cute little pup.
Oh, I qualified for a $100,000 hole in one shootout. I had to hit a 110 yard shot to a 10 foot green to qualify. Round two; 20 qualifiers got 3 shots to make the final 5 closest to the hole. I did get on the green again but I was not close enough. I came in 6th. I lost by 14 inches. The final five got one chance to shoot 165 yards for a hole in one for $100,000. So I didn't get to shoot for the hole in one shot. But it was fun.
 I had an idea published in Trailer Life magazine. They wanted to pay me 35 bucks to publish it.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Something I never want to see again! Snow on my BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Still under construction

We're still under construction in our rolling home. The bed frame we're having made is 2 1/2 weeks behind. Our wood guy said he was sick. You all know how that goes. :-(
But we did get our steps rebuilt.
Old steps. With carpet on them and not very good carpet.
 New steps. Peggy is working on the finish.
Look great, Peggy does a great job on the finish. Just another upgrade to our home.
The guy we had do the steps messed up and cut out some of the tile in front of the step. So we had to patch it. We're not that good at it. We had a good size piece of the flooring. But by the time we got done we had a whole lot of small pieces. It was hard to get the right piece to fit. It was kind a funny. But we got it fixed.
We cooked a Turkey with stuffing on the BGE for Thanksgiving.
It turned out really good with green bean casserole. I love the BGE!
We went with Lois to Mexico, she had to go to the dentist. I got all my Blood pressure and Cholesterol drugs for only $116 for the whole year. That would cost a lot more in the states. That's why this small town in Mexico has a lot of Dentist, Drug and Liquor stores. 
   It was a really nice day.
This is kind of funny. This is what happens when there are no building codes.
This is a cool bike rack at Wheezy's.
We got some new torch lights.
Peggy had Koby, the spoiled dog the other day. He's a good dog.
Christmas lights on the big truck.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Our Egg somewhere on the road.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.