Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Great Falls

We've moved to Great Falls, Montana to Dick's RV Park. It's a nice park with big, pull thru sites. We can get all our stuff on it. The drive here was beautiful. We followed the Missouri river most of the way here thru the mountains from Helena.    
They water the grass every night, so we have to put our chairs away every night.
We found a great restaurant in the old downtown of Great Falls, The Celtic Cowboy. It's an Irish Pub. I had the Steak and Fries. 
It comes with a bowl of killer Gravy!
It's so good we've been there twice.
Here's Peg cracking me up. She had a warm, Goat Ball Salad and a Smithwicks Irish Beer. I'm NOT eating anything that has Balls in it out here! We've seen Rocky Mountain Oysters (Bull Nuts) in some restaurants.
Live music at the Celtic Cowboy. The restaurant is in a building that's over 100 years old.  
We took our rolling home in to get service done. But the shop we took it to didn't do all the work we wanted them to do. So it was kind of a waste of our time. They had it all day and only lubed our slide outs. I could've done that! It's hard to find a shop with good, reliable RV service.
And we found a good brewery, The Front Brewing Company. 
Good Beer and Great BBQ food. 
After all, we are on a Bar, Restaurant and Brewery Tour! So we can add these two places on our list of go to's. 
There was a small car show at the bar down the street from our park. A nice Rat Truck.

We are here for two week, so we ordered some new compartment handles for the Big Truck. This is the before picture.
This is the After! Looks pretty Good. It only took 20 minutes to change them all and one trip to the hardware.
It was really hot last Friday it got to 105! It was hotter here that day than it was in Yuma (103). 
Got a picture from Dennis cooking Oysters in Gig Harbor RV Park. The funny thing is, he's on the same site we had when we were there, number 14.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
This was at the Eggtoberfest last October in Atlanta.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Glacier National Park

Check off Glacier National Park. We took the Red Bus Tour in the park. There is NO way we could've taken the truck into the park "On The Road to The Sun"
These old buses are from 1936.They were rebuilt by Ford Motor Company back in 2003. The roof is open so you can see out the top.
 It was a good tour. If you come out here, make sure you make reservations.
Doug wouldn't let me drive so I was the copilot.
 We saw a lot of beautiful scenery like this waterfall. 
My camera ran out of memory so I had to use my phone for this cool shot of some mountain goats. 
 This waterfall gets that nice blue color from the Glaciers.
This is as close as you can get to Spray Glacier. You have to hike to them and it's not easy.
Crazy people swimming in a stream. The water is only 44 degrees.
Some great views.
The bus was originally built by the White Motor company.

Buses parked at Logan's Pass. We turn around from here to go back. It was a 4.5 hour round trip.
The road isn't very wide and to the right is a small rock wall and a huge cliff.
A funny view in the rear view mirror.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
BGE in Montana!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

NO Satellite, No over the air TV!

We've left one of the best places we've been to on our trip this year, Gig Harbor, WA. 
Before we left we had lunch with Tom and Mila at a restaurant on Puget Sound. It was a beautiful day. They stay in our park in Yuma. It was nice to see them. 
We stopped for two days in Warden, WA at Sage Hills RV Park and Golf Course. We had a nice site. We didn't even unhook the truck. The weather was very hot. We played golf and had a ton of fun. The club house had a good bar and restaurant.
 Look at that swing!
Then we moved to Kellogg, ID at Crystal Mine RV Park. It's a small park with an old Gold mine. We met up with Ray and Sue. More friends from our park in Yuma.
We had a back-in site. We could NOT get any satellite TV or any Over the Air TV either! It was like being lost.
Sue, Peggy, Ray and I at the Radio Brewery in Kellogg. The food was great too.
We Golfed 9 holes at a nice mountain course.
We took the Gold mine tour. It was very interesting. It's a "Hard Rock" mine.
It had lots of cool information. 
Forgot what this was but it looks Cool.
We stopped on the side for the road to let Ray do some Fly fishing. It was a nice day to sit and watch Ray fish.
He didn't catch any. So we had to go back and grill some steaks on the BGE.
Now we've moved to Columbia Falls, MT at Glacier Peak RV Park. It's a small park and not that nice. We only have a 30 amp hook up and it's been going low voltage below 103 volts so my power monitor has been shutting the power off a couple of times a day.
Peggy got her hairs cut at a nice shop here in Columbia Falls. And it look good.
 We are parked next to Barry and Pat, new friends from Canada. They're going to stop on their way home and buy a Big Green Egg!

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Matt calibrating his BGE. Only engineers calibrate there BGEs. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Gig Harbor Washington

We've moved to Gig Harbor RV Park. This is a very nice park with big pine trees. I'm surprised that our satellite works here. We're only getting 2 of the 3 satellites, and we're not getting the local channels so I hooked up to the park cable to get those. 
There's a shuttle bus that runs into town and the surrounding area for a dollar a day. We love that and use it all the time.
Our site is nice and long on a terrace.
    This is a nice little harbor on the Puget Sound at the south end.

We had lunch at Tides Tavern on the dock. This is the first place we have both said it would be a nice place to live. But we'd have to hit the lotto to afford it. I would take any of these houses.  
The ferry in Bremerton that goes over to Seattle.
We took a self guided tour of the destroyer, USS Turner Joy 
DD-951. It's right next to the Navel Station in Bremerton, WA. It was in service from 1958 to 1982. It fired the last shot in Vietnam. 
Peggy on the forward deck.
One of 3 guns on the ship.
 It had a crew of 275-300 (17 Officers, 260 enlisted). 
It was named after Admiral Charles Turner Joy, a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. 
A view from the deck of the harbor.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Two new BGE's on their way to new homes.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lewis & Clark

We're in Astoria, Oregon at Lewis & Clark RV and Golf Park.
We've stayed here before. It's a nice park with a golf course. We're in a back-in site. Peggy backed us in when we got here!
This is our view of the golf course from our site.
This town is on the Columbia River. It's one of the most treacherous rivers to navigate, coming in from the ocean. So they have a Pilot guide them in. He knows the way in and around what they call the "Bar". We saw it pick up one of the pilots from a ship.
Here's a list of people lost on the "Bar". I notice one of them was Captain Ed Quinn lost in 1973. No relation.
   Lots of ocean going ships in the river.
They even have cruise ships come in here.
The river walk is kinda cool.
The river walk has two breweries on it. The Buoy Beer Company and Astoria Brewing Company. 
We had a local dish at Buoy. Tasteless cheese curds. I didn't care for them but the beer was good.
The Big Bridge over the Columbia River to Washington.
Logging is still big here, we see a lot of logging trucks.
Got this picture from Lee Ann, The Grizwald family vacation. In Deadwood, SD. Looks like they had a good time.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Dennis and I getting ready to cook some Tuna on the BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.