Monday, December 26, 2016

Howling at the Moon

There is a weird thing here in Yuma. On the night of a full moon they have a big party out in the desert and it is called "Howling at the Moon". They set up a stage and play music and everyone brings there chairs and favorite beverage and party, complete with vendors! They have a 50/50 drawing. They called the last four digits, which I had. Peggy never saw me run so fast. Turns out, when they checked all the numbers on the ticket, I was a loser.
The stage and dance floor (Desert Dance Floor).
Peggy and I drove the Reeper out to the party.
Harry and one of the younger Howlers.
Just starting to come over the mountains. 
What a good time, everyone howls at the moon and 10 minutes later everyone takes off and the party is over. Us Old people do not like to be out too late!  
We even get a little air show.
I am looking forward to the next full moon.
Our friends Jeff and Diane have come down to the park. So it's time to party even more.
We went bowling at the park bowling alley and had a ton of fun. Jeff and Diane's daughter, Shantel is here for the holidays. 
  We suck at bowling! But the park has a real nice bowling alley.
Shantel got Jeff a Corn Hole game for Christmas. We set it up and had a little tournament. My arm is still hurting from bowling and Corn Hole. I hope it doesn't screw up my Golf game. 
Oh, we went to the tamale festival in Somerton, AZ. As you can see, Jeff and I had a lot of fun.
We had Christmas dinner at the party hall in the park. The food was very good.
Our Christmas tree with lights.

Throw Back Picture of the Blog.
 Biff and Cliff meet Santa.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Just Having Fun

The Weather is great. Today's temp is going to get close to 80! We can take that. We love this park.
Here is the pool and hot tub at night. The pool has the cauldrons of fire. We go down to the hot tub a lot. The hot tub is the only thing we miss from our house.
Sitting out in the sun watching football on TV.
At the same time, making some Jerky on the BGE.
Hash browns and bacon was the first cook of the day.
 We found old town Yuma. It's a real nice little downtown with some good places to have a good lunch.
 We had a beer at the Prison Hill Brewery.
 The Beer was OK but not as good as in Bend, OR.
 Then we stopped at Red's Bird Cage to check it out. A nice dive bar in downtown.
 The next place to check out was Lute's Casino. But it looked like a good place to eat. No gambling that I saw. This weird little answer  box was on the bar. We didn't have a penny to try it.
On the way back to our rolling home we stopped at the Flea Market. They always have live music playing and some good shade to sit and listen.

Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Peggy, Cliff, Biff and me.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The New Stuff

We got all of our new furniture and it works great!
 I love the real leather on the chairs. The new end tables have a lot of storage in them. We can always use storage.
The new satellite works great. This is the one we should've gotten to start with.
The weather has been good but it's starting to cool down a little bit.
We had this nice rainbow but it never did rain.
One of our neighbor is getting a new paint job if the wind ever stops blowing.
The humming birds are at the feeder all day long.

Needed to refill the propane the other day. It looks like a rocket booster on the back of the Reeper.
We have a couple of these things that come and take off from just behind the park in the desert. It looks like a lot of fun.
Now we have all the things done from our need to do check list. 
It's the type of stuff we can't do when we are traveling. 
So it is time to just relax and have some fun.

Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Here is a picture of my old friend Norm. He finally retired this week. We hope to see him on the road this next year.

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Getting Things Done

We have been really busy getting things done. We got a new satellite dish installed. The funny thing was that the install guy was from Midland, Mi. The old one would drive me crazy. If I left it on, in the middle of the night it would move every 10 minutes and make a lot noise doing it and wake us up. We could not watch programs from two different satellites at the same time. The new one can see all three satellites at the same time.
We got new furniture in our living room. The original stuff was starting to wear out. They don't put good stuff in RVs. No pictures of that as we still have end tables coming.
We went to the doctor for our annual check up. Then we made another trip to Mexico and got our teeth cleaned for $40. Got all my Prescription drugs for the whole year. You can't do that here in the states and a lot cheaper then I can get them here. I will never buy drugs in the US again!
Shrimp cocktail in Mexico mmmmm good.
Just having fun!
We got our new sun shade for our awning it makes it a lot nicer to sit out in the sun. It's pretty cool, just unzip the bottom half and roll it up.
Check this beautiful sunset. 
Pigs do fly here in Arizona! 
 Bingo night. The fat guy won.
I'm on a small winning streak. I won at Bingo and a drawing at the flea market this week. 
They have a good gun shop here with all kinds of mounts.
Lots of guns and ammo.
We like this park a lot and are already planning to come back here next year. 
Oh I see my readers had the poll correct! 

Throw Back Picture of the Blog.
Peggy, Biff and baby Cliff.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Monday, November 7, 2016

In Our Winter Home

We love our new winter home. We're all settled in and this park is great! We've been in the hot tub a couple of times and it's very nice.
Our spacious site.
The pool and hot tub.
The front entrance.
We do have some trees. This is only the third year this park has been open. It's kind of hard to find. It's not on most web sites like It doesn't show up on Google earth, it's just open desert. But the price is good only $400 a month and we pay our power directly to the power company at 9 cents per KWH. I think this is the best park in Yuma!

We have made a couple of trips to Mexico already. One trip with Deb and Niels before they left to go into Mexico for the winter.
Then we had to go again on Saturday as it was the Day of the Dead Festival. Here are some cool pictures from the celebration.

It was a fun trip.
Oh, don't forget where you're at!
Look at what Peggy did! This is the most organized this has ever been. I can't find a single thing:-) Nice job. 
Today we're having the RV and truck washed. 
The weather has been great, in the high 80's to low 90's.

Throw-Back Picture of The Blog.
2004 on my new Big Dog.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.