Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Desert Ride

Peggy and I took a desert ride out to the Fortuna mine. The mine is inside the Barry Goldwater bombing range. We have to have a special pass and you have to go online and register if you are going out in the range.
  Stopped and checking the map. If you get caught off the trail you can get a big ticket. One of the other guys in the park got a $90 ticket last week for violating this rule.
One of the old mine shafts.
This was the main shaft. It goes down 800 feet. They pulled 23,8000 ounces of gold here in the 1890's.
It must have been tough living out in the desert with summer temps getting up to 120 degrees. Look how many stars are on the flag.
They had a nice display showing the history of the mine.
Getting a closer look down into the mine.
We stopped and had lunch and a couple of pops.
This is the main reason to stay on the trail. 
You could blow yourself  up. 
We went to a Saturday night dance with Jeff and Diane.
We had a big Super Bowl party at the club house. I ran a couple of football boards.  But I didn't win any money. They gave away a couple of nice lawn chairs and a small refrigerator. It was a great game.

Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Peggy at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.