Thursday, June 27, 2019

Stop #6 and 7

We stayed for 6 days in Winchester Bay, OR. The funny thing is, I was just going to get my chair out and watch our new neighbors set up when the park host came over and asked me when we were going to leave. I said tomorrow, he said no, you're not on this site tonight! The people next to us have friends coming for our site. So I looked at our park check-in paper and he was right! So, holy crap, we needed to pack up fast and get off this site. Check out was at 11:00, it was now 12:30. That was the fastest pack up we've ever had to do. But now we know we can do it in an emergency.
It was a real nice site! But we had to go.
I rode my bike up to the Winchester Bay lighthouse. I rode 10 miles that day and had real bad monkey butt.
View from the Lighthouse.
We had a nice lunch next to this great brewery. The beer was good.
Defeat Brewery. Nice small brewer.
Next to the Brewery was the Rusted Star Wood-fired Pizza place. Peggy had a Chicken Caesar Salad and I had a wood-fired Pizza. Both were good. Most people order pizza here and take it to the brewery.
In the park it was a Bostonfest! There were 5 of them.
So after they kicked us out of Winchester Bay RV Park, we moved 75 miles to stop #7, Newport RV Park, in Newport, OR. We like this little town. It has a lot of good places to eat and drink. The first place we always go to is the world famous Barge Inn, down on the old water front. They have the best Bar Burgers. 
No Uber available here, but we can take a cab from the park to the bar for only $8! There's no parking for the Big Truck on the water front.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
     Bacon, Pineapple wrapped Shrimp with BBQ sauce on them. On the BGE skewers Heidi gave me. 

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Stop #5 Blue Heron RV Park

We've been at the Blue Heron RV Park in Hornbrook, CA. It's a really nice park on the Klamath River. We had NO cell phone or internet service for 7 days. That's the first time we've had that happen. It wasn't fun being out of touch with the world. 
But our Dish network TV worked, Thank God.
The river, right in front of us.
Katie and Peggy enjoying the nice river view. The first day in the site we saw wild horses on the other side of the river (did not get a picture). Lots of birds, Blue Herons, Geese, Ducks and Osprey.
 We even had a bat in our umbrella one morning.
 Lots of people in drift boats and tubing on the river. The weather was great, sunny and in the 90's, We love that. 
 The Blue Heron. He was the best fisherman on the river. He caught the most fish. The Osprey only caught one that we saw.
Katie loves her chair.
Flag Day in the park.
On the way, we got this picture for all our SNOW Lovers. 
Mount Shasta!
On the way to Winchester Bay, we saw a controlled burn on the side of the road. We're in Winchester Bay RV Park, in Oregon, for a week. It's good to be back in the civilized world with Cell service and Internet!

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Terry with a pork butt! Looks great.  

Live Happy and Always Go Big.   

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Stop #4 Likely, CA.

After a 28 day stay in Sparks, NV we've moved 185 miles to Likely Place Golf and RV Park in Likely, CA. It's a nice park with an 18 hole golf course. The sites are nice and big with grass. 
Likely is a very small town of only 99 people. The park has two pavilions that 6 RV's can park around. So it works good for a group a friends. 
This is the first stop that we've had grass on our site. Katie kind of likes that.
 We are up in the mountains at 4700 feet. We can see SNOW not far away. It's has been a little cold at night, down to 35.
  Peggy, Katie and I went on the nice nature walk trail they have here in the park.
We found some geese in one of the mountain lakes on the trail.
Golf course on the other side of the pond. 
Notice the snow on the mountain.
  Beautiful mountain flowers on the trail.
 We had breakfast at the golf club on the deck over looking the course.
  Katie loves her bed in the warm mountain sun.
There is a big group at one of the pavilions and they have 6 Golden retrievers and Katie is having a blast playing with them.
  She is having a great time.
Running after a ball!
We saw this old ranch truck and noticed the chains. Just in case you need to go to town on the other side of the mountain.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Chicken kabob's!

Live Happy and Always Go Big.