Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Sun

This is truly where the Sun goes for the winter. It is sunny almost every day. We sit out in the sun and it gets hot sometimes. But when the sun goes down it cools off fast. So we change our clothes twice a day.
 This is before the sun goes down.
This is after the sun goes down. We were sitting outside watching the NFL football games on our outside TV and it got a little cool out. But we still had fun.
Let's talk about food a little. I made some good beef jerky this week. Oh, I got a new way to make Chili and then make Chili Dogs. The first day I make the Chili in the crook pot, then the next day I put the Hot Dogs in the same crook pot with the Chili and warm it all up and then you've got Chili Dogs. They are really good that way.
Today we are going to start planning our summer trip. We are going to try hitting some good food festivals this summer in California, Oregon and Washington. We got the BIG map on the table to see where to go. We still have a lot of national parks to see yet. I want to go to Yosemite and Redwood national parks in California; Crater lake national park in Oregon; Olympic national park in Washington and then maybe work our way over to Glacier national park in Montana. It looks like we are going to have a lot of fun this summer.

Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Me and the good dogs. Biff and Attilla on a camping trip some where.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.     

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Big Tent and Big Dump

The Big Tent is in town this week. You can find anything for your RV. We went on Monday and only got a new Oxygenics shower head. Then we went with Jeff, Diane, Al and Deb on Thursday. 
  Here we are taking a break after fighting the crowd in the Big Tent at one of my favorite places, Beer Belly's Adult Day Care.
The Big Tent from the air.
Peggy got a good picture of the moon this morning.
Oh ,we had a problem with the black water valve on the RV. It would not close all the way and it was real hard to pull it out. So we had to call the RV Proctologist to come and replace the valve.
Here was the problem, the frayed cable at the handle end. The one they replaced it with is a steel rod instead of a cable. That should work better. When they build these RV's they use some of the cheapest parts they can. So we end up having problems like this. Someone is always having something wrong with their RV here in the park. The same day, a guy just down the row from us had his refrigerator quit on him.

The Doctor at work under our RV. The old valve is out.
 Here we are at happy hour watching the doctor at work.
Now you can open the valve with two fingers. That's the way it should be.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
This is Attilla. One of the best dogs we've had.
Live Happy and Always Go Big. 


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday In The Desert

On Saturday I took a trip into the desert with Richard, Brenda, Niels, Deb, Ken and Donna. 
 Here we are taking a little break. Everyone walks around looking at all the rocks. They all look like rocks to me. But they find some cool looking ones sometimes.
This one is kind of cool. I think it's leaverright, better known as "Leave 'Er Right There". Ken pointed out another rock, the Indian Sex Stone, better known as "Just Another F#%!n Rock"
But this one is really cool. We were sitting around, having lunch and talking and Deb looked down and found this big nugget of GOLD just in front of her chair. Then all the rest of us started to look a lot closer. But all I could find was some old rusty nails and bolts.

 Brenda, who is vertically challenged, has this nice little step to get in the Jeep.
Here we came across a 2 wheel truck stranded in the wash. That is us in the Jeep going up a hill to get around the truck.

Ken and Donna in their Razor going around a big cactus.

 Right now, the rock and gem show is in town. These are kind of cool looking.

You can find some good deals on rocks. I guess?
This is the Pretzel Lady. She sells the best pretzel we have ever had. We are hooked on them.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Biff and Cliff, Looking around the corner.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Out West

Things are different out west. Some things I like. I like that all the sports on TV start two hours earlier than they do in the east. So if they start earlier I get to see the end of the game, instead of falling asleep on the couch and waking up when the game is over. Today the football games start a 11 am, that is just cool.
Things I do not like out west. I miss some of the places we loved to eat. Like Bob Evan's, Hill's Bar that had the best perch dinner in town, Tony's and the greatest steak sandwich that I've ever had. We also miss some of the food from out east, like Spatz Bread. It's a Saginaw thing. If you've never had it you can't understand. Oh and Pickled Bologna, it is soooo good.
Some fun things here in the park is when someone has a problem with their RV everyone comes and helps fix it. We installed a new water heater on Gerald's RV. It only took three guys and a half hour and it was running.

  Here Fred is wiring the new heater in.
But sometimes we just sit and watch and supervise the work being done, like when we watched Niels adjust the awning on his slide out. Supervision is always fun and all suggestions are much appreciated.
Check this crew out. Me, Niels, Richard, Brenda and Deb, Peggy is behind the camera. We made a road trip and stopped at The Ocotillo Lodge in Bouse, AZ. Then we had lunch at Dos Amigo's in Brenda, AZ. All unplanned fun and the food was very good.
On the way back we came up on this classic car from Michigan. It's one of those cars that can go in water like a boat. I have not seen one of those in years.
If you look close you can see the props under the back of the car.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
We do not miss this!
Live Happy and Always Go Big.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Funny and Crazy

You can find funny and crazy things here in Quartzsite.
I found the captain and his parrot at the post office in town.
We even have 4 wheeling dogs, complete with goggles. 
The band at Beer Belly's.
 The last camp of Hi Jolly.
 It is an interesting story about a camel driver from Syria. This is his tomb here in the Quartzsite cemetery. Here is a link to the story: The Story of Hi Jolly
There is a Camel theme all over town. 
Oh, do not forget the ROCKS. Here you can buy a pallet of rocks for 900 bucks on special.
 Peggy says I cannot buy any rocks. You can go out in the desert and get them for FREE!
The town is starting to get busy now that the holidays are over. The park has started to fill up. A lot more venders have started to set up in Tyson Wells.  The "Big Tent" will be here soon. It is full of anything you can think of for RVs.
Throw-Back Picture of the Blog.
Cliff and Biff on the hunt. Looking for Chipmunks in the wood pile.
Live Happy and Always Go Big.