Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Under Control!

For the first time in my life I have One control for the TV and all the other stuff! I changed our Dish Control Box to the new Wally. The control that comes with it can control the TV and sound system all by it's little self. This is the best control we've ever had.
 It's nice and small and the remote is RF (Radio Frequency). So I could mount Peggy's behind her TV on the wall.
That's one of the best things we've changed this year. This is our rolling home, so you need to treat it like a house. Always updating something. 
 Here are some other improvements that we did.
I added lights to our new steps. 
We changed the back steps too. I ordered them and they came damaged. I called them and sent some picture of the damage and they sent us a new set for FREE. They told me to trash the first set.
I took the truck in and got the oil changed and had them replace the head lights. Also got a dash mat custom made.
Peggy and I changed all the running lights too. That wasn't hard to do.
The new Big Green Egg is working great. Here I am cooking breakfast in the desert with Bloody Mary's.
  Tabasco, making day drinking socially acceptable since 1868.
We took a trip to Mexico to get our teeth fixed. I had 4 fillings replaced. It only cost $330.00 to get that done. We had to stop and get a Shrimp cocktail for lunch.
Peggy was dog sitting Taz. She had him for a week. He liked riding in the Big Truck.
We're only going to be here for a couple more weeks. The park is starting to clear out. A lot of people heading home for the summer. A little too soon for some of the Canadians to go, they are still getting SNOW up there.
Another beautiful Arizona sunset.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.