Friday, July 14, 2017

Camping in the Smokies

We're in Gatlinburg, TN at a small park called Camping in the Smokies. We have a nice big site that looks out to the road. One of the best things about Gatlinburg is that we can use the Reeper to get around.
We're having a little problem with the big truck. When we went to leave Nashville the battery was dead. We called Good Sam road service and explained that our Freightliner needed a jump start.
They sent this guy with a clown car and a jumper box. That was a joke. When I saw him drive up I almost laughed, but it wasn't that funny. He couldn't get us started (surprise, surprise) and he blew some fuses in the truck. So then we called another guy with a huge battery charger and replaced the fuses and of course it was raining the whole time. But the problem came back here in Gatlinburg. The battery went dead again. This time after we got it jump started I took it to the Freightliner dealer in Knoxville. They checked and cleaned the battery and said it's all OK. We'll see. This is the first time we've had any trouble with the truck.
My mom and JoAnn came down to visit us and do some sight seeing.
 We went to dinner at the restaurant just down the street from the park, Crystelle Creek Grill. The food is good there.
Mom, at one of the outlooks in the park. It was a nice visit. That was the first time we have seen them in three years.
We hopped on the trolley and met up with Mom and JoAnn, at  Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies. It's rated as the best Aquarium.
They even have Penguins.
Here's some of the fire damage. There's a lot of fire damage all around town, but very hit and miss. There might be a house burned up and the one next to it wasn't touched. That's kind of strange how that happens. 
We did some Reeper sight seeing up in the mountains. I got new tires delivered to the park for the Reeper and put them on.
 These tires are more street friendly.
Beautiful mountain stream.

I need to go on a little rant. Class A motorhomes are driving me crazy! Why do they have to start their engines and let them run for 45 minutes before they leave in the morning?! We had one in our park in Yuma that had a ritual of at least once a week he would start it up and check all his tires for air pressure and then go NOWHERE! While we were in Tom Sawyer park, one peaceful, nice evening, with lots of people cooking out and watching the barges going by, a guy starts up his class A and just lets it run for an hour! He never even came outside! What's up with that? This is probably the best one of all; we were in Nashville and at 11:30 at night the two Class A's next to me start up their generators! The power in the park is on. Why did they start them up? Then yesterday, a Prevost pulls out in the street right by the entrance to the park and just lets it run for 45 minutes. He then parks his towed truck next to it, now blocking the whole road! The park manager had to come out and tell them to move the truck. What the #ell is wrong with these people?!  Thanks for listening 😏      

Live Happy and Always Go Big.