Sunday, December 16, 2018

Funny pictures

The park is going to be full this year. We have 420 sites and we already have 300 here. This is the first time the park is going to be full.
Here are some funny pictures.
We had a birthday party for Carol. Happy 70th.
Our Christmas Picture.
Our Christmas tree.
We had a Christmas parade. This is charlie's 1925 Model T truck with some nice lights on it.
Peggy got this sunrise picture on her early morning walk. Way too early for me.
We got a nice picture from Craig and Charlie with Jay Jay, Baby and Booger.
  Jay Jay says: hold the aces.
 Canadian Gary at bingo.
Peggy watched Yogi, the cute little pup.
Oh, I qualified for a $100,000 hole in one shootout. I had to hit a 110 yard shot to a 10 foot green to qualify. Round two; 20 qualifiers got 3 shots to make the final 5 closest to the hole. I did get on the green again but I was not close enough. I came in 6th. I lost by 14 inches. The final five got one chance to shoot 165 yards for a hole in one for $100,000. So I didn't get to shoot for the hole in one shot. But it was fun.
 I had an idea published in Trailer Life magazine. They wanted to pay me 35 bucks to publish it.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
Something I never want to see again! Snow on my BGE.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

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