Wednesday, February 6, 2019

More New Stuff

Ok we got some more stuff done. We got our new cabinet installed. It took some time to get it built.
It looks great and works good. I designed it and our guy did a good job on it. It added more storage and got the refrigerator off the ground and a nice place for our water bottle.

And we got a new puppy. Katie a 9 week Boston Terrier. We went to San Diego on Saturday morning to get her.
She's pretty little, maybe 4 pounds. She sleeps a lot of the time. She will play for an hour and sleep for 2 hours. She has sharp little teeth. It's been 3 years without a dog. So it's kind a nice to have one again, but we've forgotten how much work a puppy is.
She likes her crate. She whined a little bit the first night but now she sleeps all night.
We got new rear tires on the big truck.
You would think they have a machine to get the tires on and off the rims, but they don't. Just a guy and some tire irons.
And we had our wheel bearings repacked. It's some maintenance that should be done every 3 years. I had a bearing go out on our last RV and it wasn't fun. So, I like to make sure we don't have that problem again.
 We had our first "Rattlesnake Horse Shoe tournament". It was a beautiful day to throw some shoes.
Charlie was a little wild with the shoes but it was fun. Some people had to run when Charlie was up. We love this park!
Dan's party chair delivery service! After the Horseshoe party.
I made up some tickets for our golf league pizza party and they're selling fast. 
 Out tp lunch with Bill and Marsha. 

BGE Picture of the Blog.
 Pizza and Beer on the Big Green Egg! I could almost live on that.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.


  1. Hey, how the hell are you. We spent 4 weeks in Fla so far, and are now in Phoenix visiting Rose's sister. First year not doing the robot stuff after 20 years. Bought a new rig cause we wanted more living space. Got a Jayco North Point 377RLBH. There is a nice website view of it. Didn't ride the bike that much while in Fla, and we both wanted more living space.

  2. Hay we are going to the Red Wings game i Phoenix on March 2nd. Let hook up for lunch.


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