Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Back on lock down

The governor of Arizona just closed all the bars again. This covid-19 thing is just getting bad here in Arizona. People are getting stupid in big groups without masks. So we signed up for another mouth here in this nice, little park in the White mountains. The weather has been great for Arizona. We don't even have to run our air in the RV.
Doing our best trying not to get this bad covid thing.
We had some hot air balloons come over the park on Friday and Saturday morning. The first morning I thought it was someone out burning weeds with a torch. The next morning Peggy got up early and got me up to see them go by.
You could hear them light up their burners.
About fifteen of them went by.
So, not going anywhere, all I have is more puppy picture to show you, so here we go. Bonnie and Baby taking a break from playing.
Bonnie, Baby and Booger. What a cool picture. Craig and Charlie are going to come and meet us here for a week. Now that is going to be a ton of fun for Katie to meet the new, little puppy!
How cute!
 Katie, working on her tan line.
So here we are trying to be safe and staying in this nice little park.

BGE Picture of the Blog
I made Philly steak and cheese sandwiches and they were the best I've ever made. Egg on!

Live Happy and Alway Go Big.

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