Tuesday, September 15, 2020

On our way home

 We are on the move. Our first stop is in Williams, AZ at The Grand Canyon Railroad RV Park. The trains run at night and they are loud.

                       Only a couple of yards from the park.

We have a nice big lot on the end of the road with a nice view into a field and some mountains.  

We walked to dinner at the Grand Canyon Brewery and Distillery. The food was good and they had outdoor seating.

Before we left Lakeside we had to stop at the Trump store one more time. They say this is one of only two Trump stores in the nation. I find that hard to believe.
        Katie got her mask on to go outside. She doesn't like it much.
I have mine on just to be safe. In the bars here they check your temperature and you have to have a mask on until you are seated and have a drink in front of you and NO dancing.
                We had a Labor Day party at the park in Lakeside.
We saw Nanook the Beer delivery guy at the world famous Sultana Bar here in Williams. 

We are heading back to Fortuna Foothills. We're not in a big hurry because it's still hot back there. But we'll be back by the 30th. They are going to start to install our RV port. It was supposed to be done already. But it will be nice to be there to make sure they do it right. 

                      BGE Picture of the Blog.
Heidi and Matt making Bacon Apple Crisp with Bourbon Caramel sauce on the BGE. Looks good. I'll have to try that sometime.

               Live Happy and Alway Go Big.  

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