Monday, November 6, 2017

Winter Home

We made it to our winter home. It was 7 days, 2085 miles from Atlanta to Yuma. We hate big mile days like that. Some days we did 375 miles. Peggy did about half of the driving, which always seemed to be under construction:-( But we made it.
Here we are all set up. I rented a golf cart for the season. It's just fun to ride around the park. We changed lots from last year. We are on the end of a row way in the back of the park. They say the park is going close to full this year.
The biggest reason to get back so fast was to hook up with Neils and Deb before they leave for Mexico for the winter. Here we are (Angie, Deb, me, Peg and Neils) at one of our favorite places, Burgers and Beer. They have great food and cold Beer.
 Neils and Deb, right after they pulled in. Look, they still have long pants on.
Good Food!
Peggy and I have already made a trip to Mexico to have lunch and some fun.
You see some strange stuff on the road.
The Garmin warned us about a fire ahead and detoured us around it. It was a hi end car hauler on FIRE!

We've been real busy. Our printer crapped out on us. So we had to get a new one. It only took me about a half hour to get it working with all our iPad's and phones. Then I had to upgrade our Hot Spot to make it even better yet. The new hot spot is so much faster!
 Arizona sunset.
I just had to put this picture in again. We had so much fun seeing our family at the Eggtoberfest in Atlanta.
The Reeper loaded up ready to go get some service done on it in Lake Havasu.
 Is this true?

Funny Things We See in RV Parks
This guy had his chair turned sideways with his satellite dish on top and some horse shoes to hold it down. Not sure if it worked as he came out and moved it a couple of times.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.