Saturday, January 27, 2018

Blow Out Damage

We finely got our Big Blow Out damage fixed. We blew a tire in Idaho Falls, not last summer, but the summer before. We tried to get it fixed last winter, but CJ's RV shop didn't come thru. So this year we went to Top of The Line body shop and they did it right here on our lot in the park.

This is the Big Blow Out Damage. It wasn't real bad, but it just looked ugly.

Under construction.

Almost done.

After, and it looks really Good.

We had lunch at Julieanna's Patio Cafe. The food was good and the wildlife was fun to watch. They had 3 pair of Parrots on the patio.

 On the Patio.

Gerald, Brad, Jeff, and I went to Palm Springs to the PGA golf tournament. Here we are in the stands at the 18th hole. Living like Rock Stars!

Our view on the 18th. It was a beautiful day. We had a ton of fun.

 Phil Mickelson on the practice green. We also saw John Elway, he is a 1 handicapper. 

We had another street party here in the park. Kelly Hughes played. He's the one that started "Howling at the Moon".

We had a huge crowd. Most of the park showed up.

Duff and his little drink cart. He mixes up a dangerous Tequila, Beer based concoction.

This park is just too much FUN!

Good Crowd.

Here is the cutest Boston in the park. Buffy.

Peggy was dog sitting Abby and they went for a ride in the big truck. Looks like she liked it.
The weather has been so good this year. Next week it is going to be in the 80's already. We're going to love that.

Live Happy and Always Go Big!