Monday, March 23, 2020

Lock Down

We're just staying here on the lot to do our part in this bad time for everyone. The stores have been out of toilet paper for over a week. We have six rolls. If we both use two sheets a day and use both sides we can make it for a month or so. We hope this comes to an end soon. 
Even the St. Patrick's Day party got cancelled at Crazy Earl's. They were going to have Irish Bagpipers there. So we were bummed about that. We made Irish Coffee That day! 
 Just before Bill and Marsha left for home, we made a trip out into The Barry Goldwater bombing range and to the Fontana Gold Mine. It's a fun, one hour ride from our lot out in the desert.
The tracker did a good job getting us there. But the next day I took it to Big O Tire to get new shocks on the back. One was broken. Now it rides much better.
Just looking for Gold. Didn't find any.
You see these signs on the trail. This is the bombing range and there are unexploded bombs in the desert.
Part of the old mine. The mine was active back in the 1880's
Before this covid-19 stuff started we had our Canada/USA golf outing. This is the first time Canada won. So they are 1-2 now.
It was a nice day to golf. We had 60 people play. 
Then when Covid-19 hit the next week, we had 40 people signed up but only 14 showed. 
Some of our Canadian friends that left Doug, Toni and John. Toni and John just got here and had to leave after two weeks. 
A short trip! 
Most of the Canadians have left for home, a little early this year.
The after party in the club house.

My team shot even par at 36 to tie the team we played.
Peggy baby sat Koby for one night. Koby is a funny dog. He would stay up high to keep Katie away.

BGE Picture of the Blog
Matt in the U.P. Look at all the SNOW (a four letter word here).

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

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