Monday, December 30, 2019

Full Park

BGE RV Resort is full this week.
Our friends, Craig and Charlie, from Mesquite, pulled in to stay a week. We met them in West Yellowstone, back when we first started our journey.
  Charlie and Peggy enjoying the afternoon sun.
Peggy and Santa (Craig) with a blow up Christmas Boston.
 Craig and Charlie have two Bostons. Booger and Baby. So the dogs have been having a good time running and playing all day.
Baby is a 3 year old, good Boston.
Booger, taking a little nap.
With all the activity, Katie sleeps really good at night.
Craig and Charlie bought some cactus to take home and plant them in their yard. Here is Peggy with the one they picked out. A 42 inch Saguaro. Classy Cactus had all different kinds of desert plants to pick from.
Craig and the other one they picked out, a Toothpick cactus. It had real long needles on it. 
On the cactus buying trip we stopped at Mickey B's to have a refreshment.
We joined in a Happy Hour at our neighbors, Gordon and Maureen's house.
Bill and Marsha came over for Christmas dinner and happy hour.
Christmas table.

BGE Picture of the Blog.
 Christmas day dinner. A huge Prime Rib.

Live Happy and Always Go Big.

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