Monday, January 6, 2020

1/2 Full Park

The BGE RV Resort is now only half full after Craig  and Charlie pulled out on New Years Eve. We had a ton of fun with them and their pups, Booger and Baby.
Here we are at Lutes Casino in downtown Yuma. The weather was a little cool that day, so it was a good time to go downtown.
Booger taking a nap with Peggy.
Selfie with Booger. She's a really good dog.
Katie checking Charlie's Wizard hand. She said take 4 tricks.
 But now the weather has turned really nice. It's been in the low 70's and sunny. We're so lucky to be able to live this lifestyle. 

We're starting to plan our summer trip. There are so many places we would like to see and revisit this summer. My tee shirt from Tombstone is worn out so we have to go there! We also need to go to the best bar in the world in Bandara, Texas, The 11th Street Cowboy Bar. We had so much fun there we have to go back. I'm hungry for a Lobster Roll, so we need to go to Maine for that. It's a long way from here, but it could be a destination. 🦞🦞🦞
 Today we got the trees that hang over on our side trimmed back. So now they do not hang over the RV.
Looks way better now.
The BGE did it's magic again. I made a Calzone with Pepperoni and Cheese and it was killer good. I'll make it again soon.
Fat guy on the roof. I made my yearly roof check and everything thing looked good. We replaced the little downspouts on the RV. Somehow they broke off. 
RV maintenance, always something to fix.
BGE Picture of the Blog.
I made these Philly Cheese Steaks, with mushrooms and Onions. They were really good. I love my Big Green Egg!

Live Happy and Always Go Big. 

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